Macarons… in McDonald’s?!

mcdonalds price list macarons belgium brussels euro chocolate vanilla raspberry pistachio

Last weekend I was working in a very cold Brussels – the temperature didn’t seem to reach above freezing the whole time we were there. More than a little tired (think, 12 hour days, 3 hour plane delays…), a colleague and I set out for dinner, only to stumble across McDonald’s advertising macarons in their window.

mcdonalds rue neuve brussels outside photo selling macarons belgium

Now, we are both big macaron lovers and were very easily sucked into the idea of a quick and easy dinner – there was no other way to it!

Consulting the menu we obviously had to try one of every kind each, but at 3 Euros for 4, fantastic value for macarons.

The four flavours were chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, and pistachio. The latter slightly unusual for the mass market maybe? But oh how European!

macarons in mcdonalds in brussels belgium one of each chocolate vanilla pistachio and raspberry review

Packaging was a big let down – a paper bag! If McDonald’s can put their burgers in boxes I’m sure they could manage it for macarons as well, they are supposed to be a delicacy…

macarons in paper bag from mcdonalds brussels

So how did they taste? Well, rather good actually! The vanilla had a thick sweet cream in the middle – perhaps a little too much so?

vanilla macaron with a bite taken review from mcdonalds in brussels

And the chocolate, a thick ganache filling. Having sunk into the macaron shell a fair amount this was really more like a round, fudgy brownie (albeit it a tasty one), than a delicate macaron:

chocolate macaron filling like a fudge brownie review brussels belgium mcdonalds

I’d had enough of photo and wanted to concentrate on eating – but the raspberry was filled more with jam than buttercream, and the pistachio was my surprise favourite, a lovely delicate flavour throughout.

Overall – a tasty trip, and lovely little desserts for the price. However, and somewhat understandably for a mass and fast food market, not quite what you’d expect from normal macarons. They were quite a bit heavier, denser fillings, and sadly lacking in the crunchy-chewy shell that macarons normally have.

Would I have more? Well, if the temperature is still in the minus figures when we return in a month, then I’ll have to substitute my usual McFlurry for something else sweet – and these are certainly not a bad compromise!

We also managed a little sight-seeing of our evening:

Stunning architecture in the main square, the Grand Place:

brussels belgium grand place main square at night panoramic view

Tintin fire escape mural – genius! Did you know he was Belgian?

brussels belgium tin tin mural fire escape painted on wall snowy dog captain haddock

And of course we visited some of the famed chocolate shops. There are a lot of replicas around of Brussels’ famous statue, Manneken Pis (the weeing boy, yes really!). We saw the actual fountain itself, but these were my favourites – with chocolates to match!

brussels belgium mannekin pis little man pee weeing boy famous statue multi coloured replicas chocolate shop

11 Comments Add yours

  1. kerrycooks says:

    Ooh the macarons look delicious – I hope they bring them to the UK!


    1. bakearama says:

      I kind of do but it would be such a bad idea for my waistline!! Had baked Camembert in a Polish branch about 5 years ago – the continent is clearly well ahead of us!


      1. kerrycooks says:

        Nice! Yep, we don’t get anything good in our branches!


  2. makedospend says:

    That’s incredable! Continental McMorning too- how very european! I can’t imagine this happening in the UK! I’m off to Brussels in a few weeks for a city break, seeing your photos has got me very excited which is noce for a Monday morning 🙂


    1. bakearama says:

      Makes you think we are a little hard done by with just our egg McMuffins! When are you off over there, and what have you got planned? We are doing another event there 1-3 March, it’s a lovely city and lots of yummy food, very French inspired with a few waffles on the side! x


      1. makedospend says:

        we are going for the last week in Feb, booked the Eurostar but no idea where to stay, are there any areas we should avoid? I cannot wait to have a waffle!


      2. bakearama says:

        It would be nice to stay centrally if you can afford, but really other than the areas around the train stations (it’s not great around Gare Midi, where the Eurostar goes into – you can get the tube but I’d recommend a taxi if you’re unsure) – generally it’s all pretty and safe and nice. Think you’d like the area around Sablon, there is an antiques market on weekends if you are there that long x


      1. makedospend says:

        oh my gosh that hotel looks incredible! An amazing find, i’ve only just caught up on this, and yesterday we booked our accommodation through airbnb :-S i’m going to have to plan another visit soon to stay at the Pantone hotel for sure, though it might not be such great value for long! Definitely going to visit Sablon area whilst we are there, thank you for your advice 🙂 x


      2. bakearama says:

        No problem, hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing the photos. I’ve not seen a hotel like that before either, looks fab! x


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