Belgian Waffles at the GingerBread Tea Room, Bruges

A couple of weeks ago we finally managed a summer break, albeit a short one, and took a mini-cruise around Europe. We stopped at Le Havre in France, Bruges, and then Amsterdam – I love travelling so waking up in a different place each morning is my idea of heaven!

When in Bruges I had to get Rob to try some of the local cuisine. Having spent a fair bit of time in Brussels with work I was already au fait on their delicacies, but he was in for a real treat. We had to take a coach in from the port at Zeebrugge, and on the way the guide advised us that for the best waffles, we should go to one of the many Tea Houses that scatter the streets of Bruges. I didn’t have to be told twice!

The main square, the Markt, or Market Square, has cafes and tea rooms all along two sides. An amazing spot for sightseeing, the downside is that you pay for it. A lot. A couple of drinks on the square cost us over 10 Euros. For food… well, we took a wander.

markt market square bruges brugge panoramic photo sunny summer 2013

And we didn’t have to go very far! Mere steps away, down the pedestrian street of Sint-Amandstraat, we stumbled across this lovely little place.

ginger bread tea room bruges frontage Sint Amandstraat off markt outside seating waffles traditional belgian

Complete with outdoor setting perfect for people-watching, we chose to head inside and received a warm greeting from the owners.

ginger bread tea room bruges Sint Amandstraat off markt market square outside seating for waffles

I do just love the Belgian hospitality. All the members of staff served us at some point and they were all so friendly, laughing and joking with us. And giving us the time we needed to chose from the vast menu…

gingerbred tea room bruges home made with love pink menu front

…. was it really ever going to be anything other than waffles!

waffle menu tea time gingerbread tearoom bruges

Other than the service one thing I absolutely loved about this place was the decor. Perhaps because it was pink! But quite subtly so – lots of kitsch patterns, cute knickknacks, all very well done, creating a lovely ambiance in the tea room.

gereserveerd reserved belgian sign waffles in bruges pot plant gingerbread tea room

pink decor ginger bread tea room bruges quaint wooden tables review recommendation for waffles

pink decor and chandelier library bookcase cute vintage tea room bruges

And then came the waffles… Safe to say we weren’t disappointed! I opted for cream and chocolate, whilst Rob had ice cream and chocolate. And plenty of chocolate there was too. When in Belgium…

belgian waffles with chocolate cream and ice cream ginger bread tea room bruges

Everything was served on a beautiful matching vintage tea set. How lovely are the plates?!

belgian waffles at ginger bread tea room bruges review recommendation

authentic belgian waffles in bruge cream and chocolate vintage decor

A ludicrously short amount of time later…

empty plate vintage design pink decor belgian waffles devoured bruges

If I’d been able to get away with it there would have been some plate-licking… but on a thriving Sunday afternoon I just about managed to restrain myself 🙂

Safe to say Ginger Bread Tea Room gets a hearty thumbs up from us – Rob certainly enjoyed his first Belgian waffles, and if we’re ever back in Bruges a return trip will definitely be on the cards.

You can find them on facebook – GingerBread Tea Room –  – they don’t open every day of the week so be sure to check before you go to avoid disappointment.

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