Pink (Fluffy) Unicorn Baby Cake

nieve baby name cake pink fluffy unicorn silver outlines and edible glitter

Today we finally got chance to visit friends of ours who had their second baby girl about a month ago. And she was absolutely worth the wait – spending the whole afternoon asleep on my arm! Ah!

I wanted to make them a cake to celebrate and was struggling for inspiration so asked Rob. After a few nonsensical responses he came onto a Fluffy Unicorn (from the much-loved Despicable Me films), fluffy perhaps not in cake form, but unicorn I could definitely do!

I printed a template out from the internet – just some clipart – trying to make sure it didn’t have too thin legs, else they would break when the cake was carved.

unicorn cartoon paper template in adjustable cake tin

For the inside of the cake – keeping with a girlie theme – a strawberry and vanilla marble, using a madeira cake recipe as the base.

strawberry and vanilla marble swirl cake batter for unicorn cake

Once cut and carved, great not only to check the marbling but also plenty to taste test!

trimming cake into shape strawberry and vanilla pink and white marble unicorn shape

To decorate I basically used 3 ‘ingredients’ – 500g of white fondant, some pink food colouring, and an edible ink pen in silver (the one I have is a click-twist brush by Rainbow Dust).

After covering the whole cake in white fondant, I coloured the remainder into four progressive shades of pink. These were used both on the mane and the tail – graduated stripes tucked in together then outlined in silver.

four shades of pink unicorn tail for baby name cake silver edible ink outlining

For the face – simply some more silver pen to follow the outline, and a little of the lightest pink fondant for the eye and nose.

unicorn face sparkly horn pink mane silver eyes nose and smile details on baby name cake

And of course no unicorn is complete without a horn, and this one was as sparkly as they come! After experimenting for a while trying to twist the fondant around itself, I caved and just rolled a cone, creating the markings with a sharp knife. For the extra sparkle I painted it silver before finishing with some holographic edible glitter.

unicorn cake sparkly silver horn with edible silver pen and edible glitter

And to finish – the baby’s name in matching pink fondant. I cut small pieces of each colour, lightly ‘stuck’ them to the board with water, pressed in the letter stencil then carefully peeled away the excess.

baby names nieve personalised cake lettering in fondant icing with edible glitter pink

I’m really pleased with this cake – although have to say it seemed to take me much longer than imagined! The silver outlining was quite painstaking as it was so fine, but well worth it to emphasise the details and the cartoon-like effect.

pink fluffy unicorn cake baby nieve baby name cake nieve pink white and silver unicorn

Chocolate, Flowers and Butterflies Cake, for a new Baby Girl

new baby cake simple ideas butterflies and flowers baby girl polka dot cake stand

This weekend we finally had the opportunity to go and see one of my best friends and her nearly-new (now 3 week old) baby girl. Of course I couldn’t turn up without cake in hand!

Am pleased to report that all are well, baby is such a cutie and mum and dad filled with scrummy cake 🙂

The base of the cake was a chocolate sponge, filled with vanilla buttercream. I covered the top with green fondant before creating a garden fence out of buttons and mini chocolate fingers (found in the supermarket at Christmas, I’m not sure if you can get them all year round).

chocolate fingers and buttons fence on garden flower cake edging green grass fondant and flowers

To top, pastel coloured flowers, imprinted with the baby’s name using italic letter stencils, piped over with a thin black icing, and finished with some silver sparkly edible glitter.

evelyn baby name cake simple easy pink purple yellow flowers with stenciled name chocolate

Finally, 3 beautiful butterflies made using my new butterfly plunger cutters – another fab Christmas present. They imprint a fantastic pattern onto the icing which I painted with food colouring to match the flowers, and finished with a good spritz of gold shimmer spray.

set of three butterfly fondant icing plunger cutters ornate

baby cake green grass chocolate finger fence fondant printed stencil butterflies decorated with food coloruing and gold shimmer spray

Isn’t it cute! New babies are such a lovely occasion to bake for!

evelyn baby cake green fondant grass brightly coloured flowers name shimmer butterflies chocolate fingers edging

We sampled a slice before a snowy drive home (grr winter weather), well, the baby is too teeny to eat it so someone has too… 😉

chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream green grass fondant and chocolate finger fencing edge


Flower & Butterfly Baby Name Cake

As I’m sure you’ll have figured out by now, I love any excuse to make a cake! A new baby is one of my favourite cake making occasions – an excuse to go wild with super cute patterns, fondants, all in beautiful pastel colours.

This one was for a lovely little girl named Mollie, and I wanted to keep it simple yet effective. Some beautiful girlie flowers, interspersed with bright butterflies. And of course – personalised with her name in sparkles!

The cake was a simple 2 layer sponge with one large and one small round; I covered each section separately with plain white fondant.

Onto the decoration – I stuck with three bright, vibrant colours, that still stuck with the baby girl theme. A pretty pink, pastel purple, and lemon yellow.

The flowers were cut in four different sizes in pink and purple, and the butterflies in yellow. Then just layered on, stuck down with a small amount of normal liquid icing.

Onto the name itself – and I suck with the same pink and purple fondant colours to tie the whole cake together. To get the right height, I measured the small cake before cutting strips of fondant in the correct width, and used a sharp knife to free hand cut the letters.

Again they were stuck on with a dab of liquid icing, before being finished with a fantastic layer of edible glitter. To get the glitter so dense, I mixed together a few drops of water with some of the glitter, and used a thin paintbrush to carefully apply on the shapes.

Incredibly easy to do but so cute and effective – Mollie’s parents were delighted, and I hope she will be able to look back and see her very first cake when she grows up!

Baby’s Toy Box Cake

Recently some friends of ours had a beautiful little baby girl. What better way to welcome her than with a tasty toy box cake!

Rob, a painter and decorator by trade, wanted to try out his painting skills and make a wood-effect cake, so the choice was made – baby + wood + cake = one giant toy box…

The cake itself was a vanilla sponge with vanilla butter cream. I used a standard square tin, cut this in half for the main cake, and made a second, thinner cake to be sliced and stacked for the rim of the toy box.

With the basic shape of the cake made, we covered it in a layer of yellow fondant, and Rob got to work with his wood effect. Using normal food colouring, he layered up the colour to get the grained look, before adding a few dark lines to make the plank details.

Whilst Rob was hard at work, I made the toys and the blocks for the top. They are all made out of fondant, again simply coloured with food colouring. There is a great tutorial on making fondant teddy bears here, and I modified this ever so slightly for the rabbit.

For a personal touch I wanted to put the baby’s name on the cake, and what better way than pretty pastel building blocks. I used a couple of square edges to shape the fondant into cubes, before imprinting with a letter stencil, and drawing over with some glitter writing icing.
To put them on the cake I used some cocktail sticks to get them on different levels, and made sure to warn the recipients before they tucked in!

The finishing touch was a little chocolate fondant to spell out “TOYS” on the front of the box, a sprinkling of glitter later and we were all done!

I think Rob has decided as much as he likes the look (and taste!) of fondant, it’s definitely not the same to work with as walls! That might be the last I see of him in the kitchen for a while…