The Pudding Pantry, Nottingham

They say word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to get noticed – and who am I to contest. This lovely new little bakery/coffee shop was recommended by a friend, and now here I am doing the same for you!

Situated in Trinity Square, just a minutes’ walk each from the Victoria Centre and Cornerhouse, The Pudding Pantry opened up about 2 months ago, and is an oasis of calm amid all the shops, bustling restaurants and busy streets.

the pudding pantry nottingham review trinty square new tea room coffee shop

Inside the decor is bright and fresh – it reminds me of being at the seaside, with soft blues and greys, and lots of white painted wood.

the puddng pantry nottingham tea room coffee shop bakery review trinity square

There are also plenty of quirky touches – as any good tea room should have!
Vintage tea pots on display under the unique lighting:

tea room decor teapot cups chic lighting

Hand-bound wooden fronted menus:

wooden hand bound menu the pudding pantry nottingham tea room coffee shop

And a hand-written specials board of the days sweet treats:

hand written blackboard menu personal touch tea room nottingham the pudding pantry

And what an array of sweet treats there were – on display in the windows; in and around the main glass-fronted counter, we were absolutely spoilt for choice! From pastries to muffins to sliced cakes to scones… they really do have the whole lot.

viennese whirls food porn glass counter tea room coffee shop fresh pastries raspberry and custard twist banoffee danish the pudding pantry nottingham blackberry and mint cake whole purple and green swirl icing summer tea room nottingham array of cakes and stands cupcakes muffins at the pudding pantry nottingham

My cake camarade opted for a scone with jam and cream – but was asked did she mind that it would be about 10 minutes as they were freshly baked to order? What a treat!

freshly baked scone homemade jam clotted cream nottingham coffee house afternoon tea pudding pantry

And the warm summer weather tempted me into something fresh and fruity – the amazing looking, sounding, and definitely tasting blackberry and mint cake. It was divine!

blackberry and mint cake purple icing swirl vintage tea plate

So consider my word well and truly spread – definitely a tea room to try next time you are in the area!

Afternoon Tea at Perkins Restaurant, Nottingham

Last week, I finally got round to going with a much-promised retirement afternoon tea with my mum (her, not me, sadly!), and decided that one of my favourite restaurants, Perkins in Plumtree, was a perfect fit to start our celebration of her new-found free time. We’ve vowed to go for afternoon tea many more times so watch this space!

Perkins Restaurant is set just outside the village of Plumtree in Nottinghamshire, and is housed in an old railway station. The railway line is no longer in use and it’s a lovely peaceful setting where you can while away many hours before you know it.

perkins restaurant nottingham old train station outside view sweeping driveway panoramic

perkins restaurant plumtree nottingham front door old station building facade

Inside the décor is quite simple and classic but with a few well done twists. Vintage prints and posters adorn the walls, a light and bright colour scheme runs through out, and a large conservatory on the back gives the whole space a spacious and airy feel.

stained glass bright coloured windows in perkins restaurant plumtree nottingham looking into conservatory

We were of course dead set on having afternoon tea, and I’d called ahead to see if they’d be able to do it early evening for us, so I could head over straight after work (3 week trips to New Zealand haven’t left me with much annual leave this year… 🙂 ), they were more than happy to oblige, and certainly did not disappoint!

picture view afternoon tea at perkins restaurant plumtree nottingham review cake stand tea

From four kinds of finger sandwiches…

fingers sandwiches for afternoon tea cheese salmon cucumber white and brown bread

… to chocolate tart and cream-filled meringues:

afternoon tea cake stand top layer meringues with cream salted caramel chocolate tart

…and scones and almond cakes inbetween!

afternoon tea full cake stand sandwiches scones meringues tarts review nottingham

We chatted and munched for actual hours, all the pieces were full of flavour and beautifully baked.

Just when we couldn’t manage another bite, only the chocolate tart was left, and it looked quite heavy. Would we make it? One bite and it was an instant hit! This was no ordinary chocolate tart. This was SALTED CARAMEL CHOCOLATE TART. I’m sure I say this a lot but it was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. Words can really not describe, the crunchy nut base, smooth but salty caramel, and creamy, sticky chocolate topping, mmm…. Even now, writing this a week and half later, my mouth is literally watering at the thought. A recipe I will definitely have to hunt down!

salted caramel chocolate tart at perkins restaurant plumtree nottingham afternoon tea

Of course we had an absolutely wonderful time. The food was delicious, service excellent, and, well, the company wasn’t bad either 😉

mum and daughter afternoon tea at perkins restaurant plumtree

There’s no date in the diary yet, but stay tuned for our next afternoon tea adventure, coming soon I’m sure!

Mrs. Bridges Tea Rooms, Leicester – Review & Blogger Meet Up!

A sunny Saturday afternoon in Leicester, I met up with some fellow Midlands bloggers, all with a great love for cake! A repeat of last years lovely trip to White Rabbit in Nottingham, this year with an extra guest in the form of Liana from Swirls Bakery, who blogs over at My Sugar Coated Life. And not forgetting E & B from Make, Do and Spend, and Kerry from Kerry Cooks.

As many female outings start, we caught up over a wander around The Lanes, a collection of little streets and squares, all with a great mix of vintage shops and individual retailers. We even found a bakeware sale!

vintage shops in the lanes leicester pink pigeon dollymix vintage fake grass outside sunny summer chairs

vintage suitcase selection shopping leicester the lanes dollymix vintage

And of course our afternoon wouldn’t be complete without cake! Kerry had booked us into Mrs. Bridges Tea Rooms, a fantastic find just off the lanes; a tea room has been in the same location since 1890! Wouldn’t you love to see what it was like full of Victorian ladies?

mrs bridges leicester tea rooms review outside view loseby lane city centre

Perfect for the summer, they also have a lovely little courtyard out the back, complete with pink parasols:

mrs bridges tea room leicester reviews the courtyard outside seating pink parasols

Inside the decor is simple, with a deli sandwich & cake counter downstairs, and lots of little tables upstairs.

mrs bridges tea rooms leicester review cake fridge selection cupcakes chocolate tart meringues

We’d booked in advance, but even on a Saturday afternoon could have found a corner if we’d just turned up. We bagged a spot right by these beautiful stained glass windows, perfect for people-watching of those outside!

stained glass windows at mrs bridges tea room leicester

And the menu? Well I wish I taken a picture! It was so extensive, the 5 of us took rather a long time to decide! From a wealth of savoury items – scrambled eggs, bagels, jacket potatoes, sandwiches, salads… to the most amazing selection of sweets, it was a tough choice.

welcome to mrs bridges tea rooms leicester blogger review afternoon tea sandwiches and cakes

We started off savoury and weren’t disappointed – sandwiches and salads alike came in huge portions, overflowing with fresh produce:

deli sandwiches at mrs bridges tea rooms leicester review

And onto the desserts! Kerry went for some sweet cinnamon French toast, on basis that most of us had never had it before. She was absolutely delighted when it came out!

kerry cooks with cinnamon french toast at mrs bridges tea rooms leicester

And who could blame her, it looked, smelled, and tasted absolutely divine. Expect to see this featuring on some of the aforementioned blogs soon 🙂

cinnamon french toast dusted with icing sugar at mrs bridges the lanes leicester

Liana chose this absolutely stunning white chocolate and pistachio delice, with strawberry topping. From the soft sponge base to the creamy, chocolatey mousse, this delice was delicious! Definitely a recipe I’m going to hunt down and try.

white chocolate delice with pistachio and strawberry macaron review at mrs bridges tea room leicester

E and I went for blackcurrant cheesecake, with apple macaron and sorbet.

blackberry cheesecake with apple macaron and sorbet slate plate mrs bridges leicester

An equally enthusiastic wow! The cheesecake was creamy and fruity, the sorbet so refreshing, and that apple macaron….

mrs bridges tearooms leicester review blackcurrant cheesecake with apple macaron and sorbet on black slate

I didn’t manage to get a photo of B’s chocolate brownie and toffee sauce, but managed the important bit – the tasting! Another amazing dish 🙂

Safe to say us bloggers had an absolutely brilliant time at Mrs. Bridges. We left with big smiles and full tummies, and a return visit is definitely on the cards if I’m in Leicester again. It’s a very well run tea-room, friendly staff, a great menu, brilliant location, good prices, and all-round yummy food. A big thumbs up!

baking and lifestyle blogger meet up at mrs bridges leicester

Afternoon Tea Review: Tower Restaurant, The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Last weekend a girl friend and I went for a short break in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. We completely lucked out with the weather – gorgeous clear blue skies and bright sunshine the whole time, perfect for a bit of laziness education on some of the Edinburgh Bus Tours.

The Castle and Grassmarket:

edinburgh castle and grassmarket area summer sunshine june 2013 panorama

Views back to the city (Castle on the right) from Ferry Road:

edinburgh city view from bus tour to leith suburbs castle and old town volcanic plug

We’d decided well in advance that afternoon tea was a must for the weekend, and, recommended by the rather amazing , we booked a table at the Tower Restaurant, atop the National Museum of Scotland. I’m pretty sure our decision was made entirely on it having terrace!

The museum itself was well worth a look on the way to tea. It has 4 floors of completely varied exhibits, from Scottish history, to Formula One cars, animals, and a whole heap of interactive stations where you can play games, press buttons, and generally have a play with some amazing things. Plus, there is a great rooftop garden, with all manner of different plants, and amazing views across to the castle.

national museum of scotland roof terrace views over edinburgh castle with grandstand and old town

We arrived at the Tower Restaurant a little early, weary from a days activities, but they were only too happy to seat us early. Having spent a lot of the weekend in the sun already, we opted to sit inside, rather than on the terrace, happily next to some wide-open sliding doors, so we could still see out to the old town and reap the benefits of fresh air.

tower restaurant edinburgh view of old town rooftops sunny summer skies afternoon tea terrace

tower restaurant edinburgh sunny terrace with a view bistro tables afternoon tea review

It was pretty obvious what we were there for – afternoon tea all the way! Our order was taken, and we were then handed the menus:

afternoon tea menu tower restaurant national museum of scotland edinburgh review

And as if the food selection was not enough, they had a great range of teas to complement it:

afternoon tea place setting the tower restaurant tea selection edinburgh

What seemed like a long wait later, but was probably very short (I was hungry!), we were presented with this fantastic solid silver cake stand. A work of art in itself!

silver cake stand full of afternoon tea at national museum of scotland tower restaurant

afternoon tea table setting tower restaurant national museum of edinburgh review summer sunshine

And the food! So much! So much choice!

afternoon tea silver cake stand amazing selection of food review sandwiches cakes scones tarts mousse

As seems the sensible thing to do, we started from the bottom and worked our way up.

On the savoury layer:

– mini cheese quiche
– smoked salmon and cream cheese bite
– egg mayonnaise sandwich
– chicken and tomato wrap

afternoon tea national museum of edinburgh sandwiches and tarts smoked salmon cheese wraps

Next up – cakes and scones:

– plain scone
– fruit scone
– shortbread biscuit
– dundee cake
– chocolate brownie with cream

cakes biscuits scones and brownies afternoon tea edinburgh

Scones of course served with jam and clotted cream – wow they were good!

tower restaurant edinburgh scones plain and fruit with jam and scottish clotted cream

fresh fruit scones with jam and clotted cream at tower restaurant national museum of scotland edinburgh

And finally the top layer – belly’s feeling a little full now…

– lemon and white chocolate mousse
– red fruits tart

afternoon tea silver cake stand lemon and white chocolate mousse red fruit tarts

I had my mousse with the shortbread biscuit on the side – a perfect combination!

afternoon tea review lemon mousse with white chocolate topping eaten with scottish shortbread biscuit afternoon tea edinburgh

We were completely stuffed – but not a crumb left in sight!

afternoon tea tower restaurant edinburgh empty cake stand all eaten

A quick amble round before we left, we found the terrace had amazing views of Edinburgh Castle; well we’ll just have to come back, and sit out there next time…

terrace at tower restaurant national museum of edinburgh afternoon tea with views of the castle and old town

And our review? YUM!

I honestly think it was one of the best afternoon tea’s I’ve ever had. Not only was there a huge amount and selection of food, but every single bite was delicious, even the bits I wasn’t expecting to like.

A definite must next time you are in the beautiful city of Edinburgh!

Macarons… in McDonald’s?!

mcdonalds price list macarons belgium brussels euro chocolate vanilla raspberry pistachio

Last weekend I was working in a very cold Brussels – the temperature didn’t seem to reach above freezing the whole time we were there. More than a little tired (think, 12 hour days, 3 hour plane delays…), a colleague and I set out for dinner, only to stumble across McDonald’s advertising macarons in their window.

mcdonalds rue neuve brussels outside photo selling macarons belgium

Now, we are both big macaron lovers and were very easily sucked into the idea of a quick and easy dinner – there was no other way to it!

Consulting the menu we obviously had to try one of every kind each, but at 3 Euros for 4, fantastic value for macarons.

The four flavours were chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, and pistachio. The latter slightly unusual for the mass market maybe? But oh how European!

macarons in mcdonalds in brussels belgium one of each chocolate vanilla pistachio and raspberry review

Packaging was a big let down – a paper bag! If McDonald’s can put their burgers in boxes I’m sure they could manage it for macarons as well, they are supposed to be a delicacy…

macarons in paper bag from mcdonalds brussels

So how did they taste? Well, rather good actually! The vanilla had a thick sweet cream in the middle – perhaps a little too much so?

vanilla macaron with a bite taken review from mcdonalds in brussels

And the chocolate, a thick ganache filling. Having sunk into the macaron shell a fair amount this was really more like a round, fudgy brownie (albeit it a tasty one), than a delicate macaron:

chocolate macaron filling like a fudge brownie review brussels belgium mcdonalds

I’d had enough of photo and wanted to concentrate on eating – but the raspberry was filled more with jam than buttercream, and the pistachio was my surprise favourite, a lovely delicate flavour throughout.

Overall – a tasty trip, and lovely little desserts for the price. However, and somewhat understandably for a mass and fast food market, not quite what you’d expect from normal macarons. They were quite a bit heavier, denser fillings, and sadly lacking in the crunchy-chewy shell that macarons normally have.

Would I have more? Well, if the temperature is still in the minus figures when we return in a month, then I’ll have to substitute my usual McFlurry for something else sweet – and these are certainly not a bad compromise!

We also managed a little sight-seeing of our evening:

Stunning architecture in the main square, the Grand Place:

brussels belgium grand place main square at night panoramic view

Tintin fire escape mural – genius! Did you know he was Belgian?

brussels belgium tin tin mural fire escape painted on wall snowy dog captain haddock

And of course we visited some of the famed chocolate shops. There are a lot of replicas around of Brussels’ famous statue, Manneken Pis (the weeing boy, yes really!). We saw the actual fountain itself, but these were my favourites – with chocolates to match!

brussels belgium mannekin pis little man pee weeing boy famous statue multi coloured replicas chocolate shop

Happy as a Hummingbird

National Cupcake Week. London. Time to spare before my train. It could only mean one thing… a visit to the cupcake mecca that is Hummingbird Bakery! I went to the branch in Spitalfields as it was closest to the exhibition I’d spent the day at. A short walk from Liverpool Street station, it’s also incredibly close to the City and Tower Hill – you could walk up in about 10 minutes.

As you leave the City and walk North you can very quickly tell when you’re getting close – the sleek glass and steel structures of the financial district are quickly left behind, and bright, funky wall art springs at you from round corners:

Looking like something out of Harry Potter, the Spitalfields bakery is located in the brilliantly named Frying Pan Alley – so called because of the ironmongers who used to hang pans outside their shops by way of advertisement .

Hummingbird has a prominent position down the pedestrian arcade, with some great outdoor seating. Needless to say, in the middle of a September Wednesday afternoon, it was rather quiet!

For some reason I was surprised at what I found in side – not as many varieties of cupcake as I’d expected, and, shock horror, other cakes too!

The sliced layer cakes certainly looked very tempting – I gladly accepted a sample of the pink-iced vanilla – and the icing sugar stenciled chocolate brownies were a simple but effective idea.

Nevertheless – I found what I was looking for in an array of sumptuous cases of cupcakes.

I was quickly drawn to Hummingbird’s signature cake – the Red Velvet – loved and re-created by many bakers up and down the country, HBB (an American company) are credited as being the first to bring this type of cake to the UK. You can check out my previous attempts at making my own red velvet here.

I was also impressed to find a gluten-free version – great that they are embracing people with tricky diets. Now all they need is a fat- and calorie-free cupcake…

Of the other cupcakes there was a delicious banana smell coming from their daily special – banana milkshake topped with a candy straw…

…and some bright coloured cakes with fondant decorations – the signature bird, stars, and even delicate footprints!

But how could I sample anything else other than a red velvet? I chose one to make my own, managing to keep my (rather-oversized!) fork away long enough to snap up some of that beautiful red colour:

Inside it was just as delicious – the bright red colour was the sweet taste of vanilla with a hint of chocolate, and the cream cheese icing was whipped to perfection. The whole cake was so deliciously light that I could have happily eaten several more!

Before leaving I took a quick peek into their Cakes by Consultation room. Hummingbird wedding cake you say….?! I’m still unsure what I loved best – the eye-catching bird print artwork, or the stunning cake models on display.

Perhaps the most tempting of everything in the shop…? If only I lived in London!

I also picked up a couple more cupcakes to bring home – you can have them boxed in batches of 1, 2, or 6, and I happily swung my little bag all the way out the door!

One tube, two trains, and a mile’s walk later, my cupcakes finally made it home. The box held them perfectly and they still looked exactly as they had in the shops (even after my mad dash through St Pancras to get the train!). I chose a black-bottom cupcake and banana milkshake so as to try some of the other flavours the bakery offers.

The black bottom was a rich, moist, rich chocolate cake, with a dollop of cheesecake mix containing big thick chocolate chips, finished with a smooth cream cheese frosting. Looking at the black bottom cupcake on their website, the cheesecake is apparently supposed to be centred – nice to know even the pros can get their cupcake layers wrong. Don’t get me wrong though, it was still very tasty!

Onto the banana special – The straw was made of a yummy soft candy stick, and following the cupcake down it only got tastier! A brilliant combination of a creamy, thick frosting that tasted exactly like banana milkshake, perfectly complemented by a moist banana sponge. The banana milkshake is a limited edition flavour, only available on Wednesday’s until the end of September – so you have one more week to go!

Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the Hummingbird Bakery. Maybe my next mission will be to try out all their other branches!

The only downside I’d say is the price – these are truly special occasion cupcakes; I paid £8.60 for one eat-in and two takeaway (you have to pay VAT if you eat in) – which at nearly £3 a cupcake is a little much even though they are so scrummy.

And in a great twist – I discovered as I ambled up to the train (with blatant disregard for nearly missing the train) – I dressed today in Hummingbird colours, a brown dress and pink cardigan! Coincidence…?

A Trip to Tiffin Teahouse

On a fresh, late summers morning, in a leafy suburb of Nottingham, chaos descended as I met some friends for brunch aka cake-for-breakfast, at the delightful Tiffin Teahouse.

Tiffin is located on Abbey Road, amidst only a handful of shops, but a mere minutes walk from the hustle and bustle of Central Avenue. There’s ample on-street parking nearby, so it’s a great place to meet for groups like us, coming from all corners of the city.

It’s often easy to drive past (the tables and chairs aren’t often outside, it is  British summer after all!) but on this particular morning, no expense was spared, with a charismatically-chic bicycle signage board, and even a (fake!) green-grass carpet.

We ummed and aahed over the slightly-better-for-you breakfast menu, but on approaching the counter all thoughts of anything savoury had completely gone out the window; the simply divine-looking homemade cakes, on their shiny glass stands, were just too much to resist. Is it ever possible to be too early for cake? Pre-10am didn’t seem to affect us much!

I opted for a slice of the coffee and walnut cake, on the reasoning that coffee is a very morning thing to have, and walnuts are a superfood, so must be good for me. One rather generous slice later and I definitely felt healthier 😉

Like any good tea room, Tiffin have a great range of vintage china crockery to serve all food and drink. An added bonus at this teahouse is a fantastic range of fresh blended teas, hand labelled and perfect from a crisp china cup.

After being offered a good sniff (to check it was what I wanted), I went for a pot of gunpowder green mint tea – a slightly healthier start to the day. How delightful is this chinese-floral print teapot? (And the tea was equally as tasty!)

Although it’s only a relatively little shop, Tiffin have managed to pack a lot of little quirks into their tearoom. It’s kitsch and cute without being over the top, and I love noticing different things every time you look around.

Needless to say we had a lovely morning, and will definitely be going back The staff were friendly and chatty during our trip, and completely at ease with me snapping away, as long as they weren’t in any photos, and I added them to their Facebook! So, without further ado, I’m off to post over there…

An Afternoon at White Rabbit

Yesterday, following last months meet-up mix-up I finally managed to get together with the lovely girls from kerrycooks and makedoandspend. We all live relatively locally, love and blog about similar things. It seemed only fitting we embraced two of these great loves – cake, and shopping!

After meeting at the lovely new Cath Kidston shop in Nottingham (if you haven’t been in yet it’s a real treat, certainly their biggest store I’ve ever been in, 2 whole floors of loveliness) , we chanced our luck on getting a table at White Rabbit.

If you have not been White Rabbit Teahouse before, I heartily recommend giving it a try! It is one Nottingham’s tiniest tea rooms, but well worth trying for a table. They won’t let you queue as such (although taking a seat on the bench outside is perfectly acceptable if the resident rabbit will mooch up a little), nor can you book. I’d recommend either going earlier in the morning, or, if they are busy, ask how long it will be for a table, then have a mosy around some of the lovely shops nearby before popping back.

Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long for a table, and, as us bloggers do, immediately starting snapping away at all the cute decoration!

How cute are these rabbit salt and pepper shakers – complemented by a fresh floral sprig?

To drink – supporting the local economy – fresh Belvoir juice from a rabbit-themed glass…

…and to eat – oh the choice! Cakes all freshly homemade and absurdly different to pick just one.

So – between the 4 of us – we picked 4! All different, and all of us had a good taste of each one. I can heartily recommend their choca-mocha,  blueberry, chocolate orange, and the day’s special, sticky toffee cake served with a jug the most delectable toffee sauce (as modelled by the lovely E from Make, Do and Spend).

We had a delightful afternoon, the staff were happy to let us sit, chat, photograph, ask questions, and ask for continual refills of tea from the beautiful china selection.

To finish off the afternoon, we wandered down to Station Street, and spent far too long browsing endlessly around the newly opened Hopkinson’s Vintage & Antique store. A great find and veritable treasure troves of all things old, from records, to jewellery, furniture to kitchenware (I rather fell in love with a wooden Edwardian cake stand…) and well worth a visit, but with 3 floors to look round, leave yourself plenty of time!

All in all – a truly delightful afternoon. Great to meet some new friends, try some new places, and wash it all down with a good cuppa 🙂

Too cute a photo not to share but not sure where to fit in above. Spot the rabbits… the inside of a pretty, pretty glass!

Photo Friday

Tales from a messy kitchen…

Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of living under the same roof as me will know that I’m not the tidiest. Nowhere more so than in the kitchen.

One of my earliest memories as a child is of my dad coming home from work, then immediately coming in to ask if I’d been baking that afternoon. “Great!” I thought, “He’s tried some of my biscuits/cakes” (I can’t actually remember what it was I made). But no. He had gone to get something out of the pantry, and immediately found sticky hand prints on the jar. Messy? Moi? 🙂

I have had a great couple of evenings in the kitchen this week making… well, you’ll have to wait and see! I will post the results next week, in the meantime can you guess what I’ve been making?

2pm edit:
I love how Friday is becoming treat day in our office!

Check out this yummy cupcake – bought by my boss from Kandy Cupcakes in Leicestershire. She’s having a children’s party tonight and showed me a box full of amazing candy colours, fondant lego bricks, wow! I’m assured it is a lovely spot for tea and cake as well – might have to have a drive over one lunchtime soon…

Photo Friday

This week courtesy of Nottingham Food and Drink Festival, held last weekend in the city’s Old Market Square.

Although it’s the 4th year the event has run, it was the first time I’ve been able to attend, and popped across on Sunday afternoon (I found myself with a good amount of free time after failing to go to the WI Summer Fete…)

The Festival was a great mix of local businesses, selling, cooking or generally promoting their edible wares. My kind of an event!

Brilliant sounds and smells coming from the stall hosted by Memsaab restaurant – yummy fresh kebabs that looked and smelt absolutely delicious.

Look what I found! Tucked away on the Lakeland were these beautifully decorated floral cakes. A chat with the staff later and I found out their own store manager had made them using their piping set. Tempted as I was to take their 15% off voucher and hot foot it over to the Nottingham store, I retained some self-control and will instead add them to my baking wishlist.

Another cake find – and I kick myself for not asking them for more information. If anyone has any more information on where I can find this in the Nottingham area please do get in touch! From my fuzzy memory it looked like something local restaurants were teaming up to offer, but even with my very well honed Google skills, I cannot find any further details 😦

And finally – no festival is complete without music, and a great Ale House to go with it!

As far as I’m concerned a good afternoon was had by all – taste, sight, smell, sound and yes even touch! Will definitely be making a date in my diary for next year.