Photo Friday

Tales from a messy kitchen…

Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of living under the same roof as me will know that I’m not the tidiest. Nowhere more so than in the kitchen.

One of my earliest memories as a child is of my dad coming home from work, then immediately coming in to ask if I’d been baking that afternoon. “Great!” I thought, “He’s tried some of my biscuits/cakes” (I can’t actually remember what it was I made). But no. He had gone to get something out of the pantry, and immediately found sticky hand prints on the jar. Messy? Moi? 🙂

I have had a great couple of evenings in the kitchen this week making… well, you’ll have to wait and see! I will post the results next week, in the meantime can you guess what I’ve been making?

2pm edit:
I love how Friday is becoming treat day in our office!

Check out this yummy cupcake – bought by my boss from Kandy Cupcakes in Leicestershire. She’s having a children’s party tonight and showed me a box full of amazing candy colours, fondant lego bricks, wow! I’m assured it is a lovely spot for tea and cake as well – might have to have a drive over one lunchtime soon…

Photo Friday

This week courtesy of Nottingham Food and Drink Festival, held last weekend in the city’s Old Market Square.

Although it’s the 4th year the event has run, it was the first time I’ve been able to attend, and popped across on Sunday afternoon (I found myself with a good amount of free time after failing to go to the WI Summer Fete…)

The Festival was a great mix of local businesses, selling, cooking or generally promoting their edible wares. My kind of an event!

Brilliant sounds and smells coming from the stall hosted by Memsaab restaurant – yummy fresh kebabs that looked and smelt absolutely delicious.

Look what I found! Tucked away on the Lakeland were these beautifully decorated floral cakes. A chat with the staff later and I found out their own store manager had made them using their piping set. Tempted as I was to take their 15% off voucher and hot foot it over to the Nottingham store, I retained some self-control and will instead add them to my baking wishlist.

Another cake find – and I kick myself for not asking them for more information. If anyone has any more information on where I can find this in the Nottingham area please do get in touch! From my fuzzy memory it looked like something local restaurants were teaming up to offer, but even with my very well honed Google skills, I cannot find any further details 😦

And finally – no festival is complete without music, and a great Ale House to go with it!

As far as I’m concerned a good afternoon was had by all – taste, sight, smell, sound and yes even touch! Will definitely be making a date in my diary for next year.

Photo Friday

With the exception of my patriotic battenburg, this week has been pretty quiet baking-wise. I’m not quite sure what else has made it so busy – but my suitcase from Hong Kong still lies half unpacked in the middle of the bedroom floor…

Sticking to my promise of weekly photo updates – this week I am sharing my baking wishlist. Of course this means I don’t have my own photos to use – so hope you will forgive me, and take some inspiration as well!

1) The MAT by Sweetwise – sold in the UK by The Cake Decorating Company. Basically just one large square of clear plastic, that you pop your fondant icing etc. between, and roll out quickly, evenly, and smoothly. From the reviews I’ve seen it makes covering large cakes a doddle – and anyone that’s worked with fondant knows how tricky this can get!

2) Adjustable square cake tin by Silverwood. I am almost certain that this is the same time my mum has already. I borrowed it last year but she took it back – threatening not to make Christmas cake if I didn’t! She honestly doesn’t use it much so I’m hoping to give it a permanent home in my cupboard – with the addition of an extra set of dividers so I really can make any size of cake.

3) Cake Pop Easy Roller from Heavenly Cake Pops. A video for this appeared on my Facebook earlier in the week, courtesy of the same The Cake Decorating Company in Nottingham, who are one of the UK sellers. Watch the video in amazement as I did – how to make perfect round little cake pops every time. But it got me thinking – isn’t half the fun getting your hands sticky making them yourself? Then I looked at the price as I was writing this post. Whoa! Staying firmly put on the wishlist.

Happy shopping for the weekend! Any other must-haves you’ve stumbled across, or you think would be a welcome addition to a baker’s kitchen?

11am Edit: and the supplier said “Let there be sweets….!”

Look what we just had to delivered to our office! I absolutely had to share it with you. It’s a thank you for our recent business (Hong Kong being a part of this), and is so gratefully received on this grey, rainy Friday.

From A Quarter of…‘s retro sweetshop, it came beautifully packaged in a wooden hamper, and I love how all the sweets are pink 🙂
A note to my dentist… for what I am about to eat, please forgive me!!

Photo Friday

1) Is it a hotdog? Not on this blog! Look closely at the sign and you can see it’s actually a chocolate custard.  Delightful Japanese bakery Bo-Lo’GNE have just opened a new branch in Elements Mall, which was attached to our hotel (the W) in Hong Kong

2) Cake with a view! We were fed very well at the W – this was just one of the many treats in the coffee breaks. In the background you can see spectacular views of Hong Kong harbour.

3) Home Made Ricotta Bomboloni from 208 Duecento Otto: sweet Italian fritters with raspberry marmellata and mascarpone zabaglione. Dessert at a delightful Italian on Hong Kong Island.

4) Blossom Globeamaranth Tea (also known as Flowering Globe Amaranth). A traditional chinese tea, and gift given to all the guests in HK this week. The idea is that once you add water, the flower blooms and steeps into a sweet tea. Unfortunately not as picturesque as I’d expected (more like something out of Day of the Triffids), but more tasty – sweet, and slightly floral.

5) Chocolate cupcake candles from dotcomgiftshop. For a while now I’ve wanted something to show off my glass domed cake stand (Ikea) when I’ve not got anything freshly-baked to go in there. These were in the sale and look perfect – and yes it’s the second week this website has featured as I am truly addicted 🙂

I do feel a little sad that I didn’t get time for any bakeware shopping while out in Hong Kong – there must be worlds of cute little things! But  everything went well, we saw and ate some amazing things, and it’s an excuse to go back again soon….

Photo Friday!

Blogging is unbelievably addictive. You write things, people comment. You read things, you comment. Every comment opens up another link to look at what someone else is posting about. Travelling photos. Restaurants. Pubs. Animals. Current affairs. CAKE.

On one of my many digressions reading blogs, I stumbled across the very cute This post is inspired by his most recent wordless wednesday (how cute are those cats!)

Going forwards, I’m going to make it my aim to post some photos every Friday, of everything bake-y, cake-y, or otherwise exciting that’s happened in my week. Cunningly enough this also gives me a great excuse to do more of 3 things I love: great creative with my camera, write wonders with my blog, and of course capture anything cake-related!

Without further ado, here are this weeks photos (with descriptions following):

1) last of the amazing double chocolate guinness cupcakes I made at the weekend, served with some fresh, juicy British strawberries. How they’ve managed to ripen at all in this horrid weather is beyond me though!

2) teeny tiny vintage print cake stand from dotcomgiftshop, as recommended by the lovely KerryCooks (displayed on my trusty ikea “arv brollop” cake stand)

3) a brilliant surprise of a parcel picked up from the post office on wednesday – 4 new issues of my cake decorating magazine, each with a free gift! Watch this space for some of their inspired ideas coming up soon….

4) kitty cats and cupcake case. Enough said 🙂

So that’s all for now, next week I’m lucky enough to be working in Hong Kong, but will be back on Friday with photos – albeit probably some rather jet-lagged posts…

Happy Friday everyone!!