What’s it all about?

Hi, I’m Jen and I love to bake. Most things really, but cakes are a firm favourite. This is me:

After spending many-a-time flicking through my iPhone photos saying “I made something like that once…”, I decided it was about time to step things up a level and put all my creations together in one place.

So here we are. A lot of cakes, a lot of photos, and behind the scenes one very sticky kitchen, shared with a boyfriend and two ever-hungry kittens happy to taste anything sent their way.

The kittens in question – although born in August 2011 they’re pretty much fully fledged cats now – are probably my biggest fans. Or at least, they spend the most time staring at me with adoring eyes whenever I’m in the kitchen! As with a lot of pets, they are fully-fledged hoovers, and will try anything that falls onto the floor during cooking.

They are called Chilli and Pepper – Chilli is the black and white to the right, and Pepper is the grey tabby on the left. 2 sisters who we adopted from the brilliant RSPCA in Derby.

They also enjoy tea with their cake – and you can see how teeny they were when we first got them:

And this is Rob:

He too, eats most things. Sometimes he stares at me adoringly too. He is a painter and decorator, bass player in a band, and certified cake tester. Dislikes: cleaning the kitchen after I’ve been baking; buying ingredients (and supermarket shopping as a whole).

I hope you enjoy my blog – maybe find some inspiration, learn something, or just enjoy what we’ve been up to. If you’d like to get in touch I’d love to hear from you – please leave a comment below / on one of the posts, contact me via email bakearama – at – hotmail – dot – com, or find me on twitter: @bakearamauk.

35 thoughts on “What’s it all about?

      • As if you even have to ask! Now I just have to decide what to make… πŸ™‚
        Have you seen the food & drink festival is starting today as well? Hoping to pop in for a bit on Sunday too!


      • Hi Jen
        I’m a feature writer at the Nottingham Post and I’ve just stumbled across your blog. I’m looking for keen bakers who can contribute a one-off cake recipe (can be from a book as long as we credit them in some way) and photo for a column I have to fill each week.
        one. Not sure if you live/work in Derby or Nottingham though? Would you be interested? Thanks Lynette


      • Wow thank you, yes I’d absolutely love to! Am Nottingham born and bred and we live in Long Eaton at the moment πŸ™‚
        Do you want to email me your details and we can talk more? Address is bakearama (at) hotmail (dot) com


  1. Nice!! I really like your intro. Looking forward to seeing the cakes and hearing more about Chili, Pepper and Rob, not necessarily in that order. Lol Do you bake to sell to others or for pleasure? Have you been baking long? Baking is my first kitchen love! I’m really excited to learn from you! Keep up the blogging! Loved your piece on the thea cafea too! Looks like a really cool place. Thanks so much for dropping by my place the other day AND for following! I hope never to disappoint but to inspire everybody to get in the kitchen. It’s a great place to be, right? Blog on my dear, blog on!


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

      In answer to your questions, all my baking is for pleasure, but most of it is for other people – birthday cakes, presents, parties etc. You’d be surprised how many occasions I can come up with for making a cake! πŸ™‚
      I have been baking since I was little. My grandma was a great baker, my brother and I used to spend a lot of time with her after school and in the holidays, while my parents were at work.
      My parents too like to cook – whenever we had guests over, we’d get the recipe book out so there were some nice treats waiting, and why change the habit of a lifetime!

      Thanks for following as well – hope you continue to enjoy, I will certainly bake and blog as much as my time and kitchen let me!!

      Hope to hear more from your kitchen soon too – it sounds as though you have a large family to cook for which must keep you busy?


  2. Hi Jen and thank you for stopping by my blog! I remember stumbling upon your site over the holidays and enjoying those Christmas Lights cupcakes you had made. Today I actually looked deeper into your blog and you are so talented at decorating cakes. Anyways, have a great night. =)


  3. Hi Jen would love for you to come and check out my place for your next blogger meet up its Devlicious Cakery, 33 Melton Road Leicester, we specialise in eggless cakes so do come and try us


  4. Hi, Just wanted to stop by and say hi. We have a love of baking cakes in common. I actually like to bake all kinds of desserts as well. I look forward to checking out your recipes.


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