Black Forest Chocolate and Cherry Cupcakes

black forest chocolate and cherry cupcakes fruit flavoured cocoa powder from sugar and crumbs review uk natural ingredients

Last week, the lovely folk over at Sugar and Crumbs sent me over a selection of their products to try. Expecting just a couple of packets in a jiffy bag, imagine my delight when I opened this lovely goodie bag!

sugar and crumbs natural icing sugar cocoa powder bloggers goodie bag test and review

If you haven’t heard of Sugar and Crumbs, they are a UK based company, offer all-natural flavoured icings sugars and cocoa powders. The selection they sent me are some of their newest – salted caramel, and coffee icing sugars, and a cherry cocoa powder. Their range of products is already flavour-tastically diverse, and seems to be growing all the time.

sugar and crumbs uk natural ingredients company icing sugar and flavoured cocoa powder

As much as I wanted to just get a spoon and eat the salted caramel sugar, lack of time meant I stuck with a good old-fashioned chocolate cake as my first test, using the chocolate cherry cocoa powder.

sugar and crumbs natural icing sugar coffee salted caramel and chocolate cherry cocoa powder

It looks and bakes exactly like a normal cocoa powder, but with the addition of a sweet cherry tang.

sugar and crumbs chocolate cherry cocoa powder review

To get the most out of the flavour, the recipe enclosed suggested using a standard sponge recipe, substituting one quarter of the flour for cocoa powder. The result – a light, intense chocolate mixture, which baked into rich and fluffy cupcakes.

Once cool, I wanted to keep the topping for the cupcakes sweet and simple. What could complement the chocolate cherry flavour better than chocolate… and a cherry!

I melted down a big bar of dark chocolate, then carefully dipped in each cherry about halfway, holding by its stalk. This is such a satisfying process!

dipping red cherry into dark chocolate food porn

Carefully placing the chocolate cherries onto some greaseproof paper, they went into the fridge for a little while to set.

chocolate dipped cherries with stalks baking ideas black forest cupcakes

Once the cherries were set, I topped the cupcakes with a couple of layers of chocolate. Leaving the first layer to set for about a minute, before spooning on the second, gave it just that little time to set and create the ripple effect. And to finish – a cherry on top!

black forest chocolate and cherry flavoured cupcakes with dark chocolate icing and fresh fruit

The finished cupcakes, simple but very yummy! And the taste? Well the cherry flavour is subtly sweet against the rich chocolate. All in all a great easy twist on a standard cherry cupcake. I look forward to trying more of the Sugar and Crumbs range soon!

dark chocolate and cherry black forest cupcakes flavoured cocoa powder from sugar and crumbs review

Disclaimer – the products in this post were provided by Sugar and Crumbs for review. However all opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. Oh my. These look absolutely deelish. I love the idea of a cherry chocolate combo. Yummarge!


  2. Paulis says:

    They look fantastic! I am on my way to the UK, other baking I gridiron brands you recommend I look out for?
    BTW: love your blog


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