Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake

alternative christmas dessert ideas chocolate pudding cake decorated with fondant icing holly leaves and berries

Festive tidings to you all baking readers! Hope your holiday season has been filled with tasty delights and treats. Now the big day is out the way (and my first Christmas dinner cooked with great success!), I’m enjoying some time off work hiding from the cold and catching up on uploading my Christmassy bakes to the blog.

This cake was a dessert I made for a dinner with friends a week before Christmas. I personally am not a fan at all of traditional Christmas pudding, which is a little odd considering my unfailing for Christmas cake. Dessert on Christmas Day is normally mince pies for me, but for this dinner I wanted to make something purely indulgent that we’d all enjoy.

The recipe is simple and crammed full of chocolate chips for an extra element of guilty pleasure. It was made using my Lakeland Hemisphere Mould (in medium), which you may recall helped me create a wonderful Halloween Pumpkin cake.

chocolate christmas pudding cake recipe lakeland medium hemisphere mould balanced in pyrex dish

Although the mould looks quite deep, it actually only needs a 2 egg mix to rise up and fill the shape. I adapted this Chocolate Madeira Cake recipe from the lovely Emma MT at Cakes, Bakes and Cookies to the quantity needed.

100g butter
130g sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 eggs
110g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
40g cocoa powder
2 tablespoons of milk
100g milk chocolate chips
100g white chocolate chips

– Beat together the butter, sugar and vanilla essence until light and fluffy
– Add the eggs, milk, and a tablespoon of flour, and beat again until smooth
– Sieve in the flour, cocoa, and baking powder. Pour the chocolate chips on top and mix use your fingertips to lightly coat them in the flour (this will stop them all sinking when baked)
– Fold the mixture until just combined, don’t over mix
– Pour into the well-greased tin and bake at 160 degrees until cooked through (test with a skewer). Due to the deepness of the hemisphere pan this took around an hour, flatter tins will take less. If the top is starting to over-brown, cover with foil for the remaining time
– Leave to cool in the tin, and carefully turn out

I love how the chocolate chips had swirled together, and even without icing the cake had a brilliant Christmas Pudding effect.

chocolate christmas pudding cake freshly baked milk and white chocolate chips spherical design

To Ice
– Chocolate buttercream
– Chocolate fondant, white and coloured fondant to decorate

I added a little drop of Baileys to my buttercream for an extra glossy sheen and of course a bit of an adult taste!

chocolate buttercream coated christmas pudding cake recipe and how to easy dessert ideas

After half an hour in the fridge, I covered the cake with chocolate fondant (all over), before overlaying a wavy-edged section of white fondant.

chocolate christmas pudding cake covered with chocolate fondant with white icing detail

A little decoration was all that was needed to finish the pudding off – red fondant berries and green holly leaves made using a plunger cutter.

fondant icing green holly leaves and red berries on christmas pudding cake alternative dessert ideas

And finally, after mottling the chocolate fondant with the end of a straw, I added a little festive sheen using some silver shimmer spray.

dr oetker silver shimmer spray on christmas pudding chocolate cake recipe


chocolate christmas pudding cake lakeland hemisphere mould covered and decorated with fondant

chocolate christmas pudding cake recipe and directions instructions different desserts without fruit

And cut into, it was of course chocolatey through and through, with a great smattering of chocolate chips and divinely creamy icing.

cut inside chocolate christmas pudding cake fondant holly leaves and berries alternative to traditional desserts


8 Comments Add yours

  1. The Editor says:

    That’s almost too beautiful to eat…


    1. bakearama says:

      Thanks! Needless to say it was devoured pretty quickly 🙂


  2. jareiland says:

    Reblogged this on Northern Lights.


  3. mydearbakes says:

    What magnificent bake! Wish I can do something like that too! =)


    1. bakearama says:

      Thank you! It was much easier than it looks, I’m sure you’d have no problem 🙂


  4. Wow. What an amazing cake. I agree with all these comments. It’s too good to eat… but it does look mega tasty!

    Thanks so much for the mention. It made my day. x


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