GBBO Final – Salted Chocolate Pretzels

great bloggers bake off british pretzel recipe dipped in dark and white chocolate finished with rock salt flakes

All good things must come to end – and this week was sadly the last in the series of The Great British Bake Off. As much as the finalists creations looked fab, sadly I had neither time nor occasion to make a 3-tier wedding cake this week! Instead I opted for pretzels, using Paul Hollywood’s recipe, adding my own chocolate finish.

Paul’s pretzel recipe was simple and easy to follow. I halved it to make my batch of size, substituting brown sugar for the malt extract. However many tutorials I read on the throw-in-the-air-twist-and-flip pretzel shaping, it was never going to work. Fortunately it’s just as easy to create the right shape with the dough laid out on a work surface.

how to make a pretzel twist without throwing in the air u-shape loop and finish on worktop bench

Throwing the carefully shaped dough into the boiling water seemed a bit counter-intuitive, but very necessary to create that golden chewy outer. It was actually quite satisfying to see the dough float up to the surface after its 5-second dip!

cooking pretzels paul hollywood bread recipe boiling for five seconds in bicarbonate of soda

Baking the pretzels was very easy – adding a few salt flakes whilst they were still wet before putting straight into the oven. They came out a lovely golden brown colour, but absolutely welded to the baking sheet! Paul Hollywood has yet to reply to my tweet on how to avoid this problem, so I spent a good 15 minutes carefully peeling the paper off the bottoms…

freshly baked salted pretzel browned chewy outside rock salt flakes

The finished pretzels as per Paul’s recipe – pretty tasty at this point, a lovely chewy texture…

paul hollywood recipe pretzels great british bake off 2013 gbbo bloggers

… but of course I wasn’t finished! Once cooled I dipped the rounded ends of the pretzels into rich dark and white chocolate:

dipping salted pretzels in rich dark chocolate

– before finishing with a final sprinkle of rock salt flakes.

salted pretzel dripping with dark chocolate finished with rock salt flakes

The finished dark chocolate pretzels – a contrast between the salty chewy dough and the rich cocoa of the chocolate.

salted dark chocolate pretzels recipe display slate mat

And the white chocolate – salty versus sweet, a smooth silky outer and chewy bread inner. My personal favourite!

salted white chocolate pretzels gbbo

Needless to say I’ve hugely enjoyed taking part in the Great Bloggers Bake Off – thank you to Jenny and Helen for organising! These pretzels were a particular favourite, so easy to make, very tasty, and incredibly versatile. My brain is already whirring away thinking cheese pretzels, maybe cinnamon and raisin…


13 thoughts on “GBBO Final – Salted Chocolate Pretzels

  1. oooooh you temptress!!! look at these beauties! Thanks to Cadbury’s chocolate coated pretzel i have a new love for pretzels coated in chocolate so i would totally LOVE your bakes!!! yum yum YUMMMM!!!
    thnak you making me hungry and for linking up x


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  3. What sort of paper did you use? My first time I made pretzels I used plain old greaseproof….. Not a success. With baking paper or cooking liners they were fine.

    They look good regardless, no one needs to see the bottoms!


  4. oh wow these are amazing! thanks for sharing your pretzel knot technique…so much easier than the way I was doing it! I love the idea of adding the chocolate…I love Pretzel flips!!


  5. Oh my! Just look at that salt! It’s seriously making my mouth water.
    I first had these pretzels in New York many, many years ago and I quickly became addicted to them. I haven’t made them myself as I always thought they were tricky to make but if you say it’s easy then I think I have to have a go. Yours all look so delish!


  6. YUM! I actually made some plain pretzels too and I’m wishing I still had some so I could dip them in chocolate 😦 And I love your photos showing how to do the knot, I found it impossible to do without looking at an instructional video I found online haha


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