Treacle, Ginger and Mango Bollywood Nights Cake

bollywood nights themed cake treacle ginger mango clandestine club nottingham 2013 edible pearls print stencil

Oddly timed on the last day I actually lived in the city, yesterday marked the first event of the new Nottingham City Clandestine Cake Club, of which I am a proud co-organiser! More on the move to follow in due course I’m sure…

As our first event was to be held in a private room at an Indian Restaurant, the very hospitable Mogal E Azam, we decided a Bollywood Nights theme would spark up everyone’s imagination, and give way to some great flavours, colours, and of course plenty of glitter.

Not being too great on spices and what to do with them, I kept the cake quite simple but vamped up the outside. Sorry for the lack of step-by-step pictures, but in the midst of packing I was a little rushed, and the kitchen wasn’t really in a fit state to be photographed either!

The recipe I used was Woman & Home’s Sticky Ginger and Treacle cake – as I followed it exactly (obviously omitting the praline and cream cheese icing steps) and in the interest of moving-house-constricted time, I won’t retype the recipe but leave you to click through. It was incredibly easy to make and baked like a dream, giving me a firm but so deliciously moist base for my Bollywood decorations.

To fill I simply sliced in half, and filled with copious amounts of mango buttercream, tinted orange to contrast with the dark treacle colour of the cake. I also covered the sides and top to give a good base for the red fondant to stick to.

The red fondant was pre-coloured, luckily I had a couple of packs left over from my Speed Sign cake, as the vibrancy and depth of colour would have been quite hard to achieve using white fondant and colouring it up.

And to decorate – would you believe it was incredibly simple! As you may know from previous posts, I’m a subscriber to My Cake Decorating Magazine. There is a free gift with every issue, so I’m slowly building a large stash of decorating items, some of which I’m not sure when I’ll ever use – until now!

First up was the pearl mould – I mixed a little tylose powder with some fondant so it would set firm, dusted the mould with corn flour, and carefully pressed in.

pearl silicon mould from my cake decorating magazine use with fondant icing  bollywood theme edible pearls

Because the mould is made of silicon, it’s really easy to bend back on itself to pop out and reveal a super-cute string of edible pearls!

edible fake pearls red fondant icing my cake decorating magazine silicon mould how to

Using a little edible glue I put them all round the bottom edge of the cake, and finished with some edible glitter for true Bollywood glamour.

edible glitter pearls red fondant icing bollywood theme cake for clandestine club ccc nottingham

For the top – another great free gift – this intricate circular pattern stencil.

my cake decorating magazine large circular stencil intricate pattern used for bollywood themes

I simply mixed up some orange royal icing (royal is much better as it sets hard), and, holding the stencil firm, smoothed the icing all across with a cake smoother, ensuring all the gaps were filled, before carefully peeling away to reveal the pattern.

bright colours orange indian print ethnic stencil my cake decorating magazine on red fondant cake spiced bollywood nights

And of course, finished with another generous sprinkling of edible glitter!

orange royal icing and edible glitter detail on bollywood nights treacle ginger and mango spiced cake recipe

clandestine cake club nottingham red bollywood nights spiced treacle and ginger cake

True to the Bollywood theme of bright colours, intricate details, and lots of sparkles – I was very happy!

red fondant iced bollywood nights treacle ginger and mango cake stencilled decoration

And inside – a beautiful contrast of the red fondant, orange mango buttercream, and brilliantly moist, sticky and spicy treacle ginger cake.

dark treacle and ginger cake with mango filling and red fondant bollywood decoration clandestine cake club

And I’m pleased to report that our first Nottingham City CCC was a huge success! The bakers completely rose to the challenge with a great range of cakes (yes that one does have fairy lights), and we had such a lovely evening eating and chatting.

nottingham city clandestine cake club first meeting bollywood theme five cakes with fairy lights

Where will the next cake club take us? Well, watch this space… (or sign up to the club page to join in: )

4 thoughts on “Treacle, Ginger and Mango Bollywood Nights Cake

  1. Love it. You’re getting better and better! Looks so professional.
    I love it that you used a Woman and Home recipe here. I used to work at Woman and Home and Jane the food editor was my guru. She can pluck recipes out of thin air!

    I also have to confess to shooting my steps amidst chaos that is just out of sight. Lets face it. Baking is a messy business!!


    • Ah thank you!
      It was a great recipe to use, so easy and I love how unbelievably moist in came out. My fellow cake-clubbers were suitable impressed!

      Isn’t it such a pain having to clear a corner of the kitchen to take photos in… I have big plans for our new kitchen already though! 🙂


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