I Heart Nutella Brownies

nutella brownies heart shape three ingredient recipe small bites

If you regularly browse the baking world like I do, no doubt you’ll have seen these fantastic Nutella brownies popping up on blogs and baking sites the world over. If you haven’t, take a seat. I’m about to show you something amazing.

I also wanted to finally show off and use this super-cute silicon heart mould from the fab dotcomgiftshop. I bought it about a year ago and have consequently forgotten to use it at every opportunity since. Until now!

i love chocolate dotcomgiftshop silicon mould baking brownies recipe hearts

There’s quite a lot of controversy on various sites with plenty of bloggers claiming they invented this recipe. I didn’t. That’s for sure. I’m just going to share its amazingness. But does it actually matter? Not in my opinion. Lets get to the chocolate!

The basic amazing thing about these brownies is that they only contain 3 ingredients. Really.


140g Nutella
1 egg
35g plain flour

nutella three ingredient brownies chocolate spread egg plain flour recipe easy

And the method’s not that tricky either…

– place all the ingredients into a bowl

nutella three ingredient brownies all in bowl chocolate spread flour eggs

– mix well

nutella brownie batter three ingredients chocolate mix pink heart background

– spoon into your chosen bakeware, making sure it’s greased or lined (I used a quick spritz of cake release spray in each heart). The brownies do rise during cooking so don’t fill whatever you’re using to the top – mine were just over half full

heart shaped mini brownie bites in dotcomgiftshop silicon mould nutella three ingredient recipe

– pop into the oven at 180 degrees. Mine came out perfectly after 15 minutes but the mould is quite small. Adjust upwards for bigger moulds and tray bakes, aiming for a crust to form on the top and no wobble to your mix.

perfect heart shape brownie bites cracked crust nutella three ingredients

– leave too cool at least a little (burnt mouths just are no fun) and enjoy!

mini heart shaped nutella brownie bites three ingredient recipe

Of course you can adapt the recipe to include so many different things, chocolate chunks, nuts, sweets, icing on top, the list is endless! And as these brownies are SO quick to make (you can easily whip up a batch in under half an hour), why not try them all 🙂

Oh yes – and served warm with vanilla ice cream, hot and cold heaven!

nutella brownie heart bites with vanilla ice cream hot and cold dessert easy baking ideas recipe

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