Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

mint chocolate cupcakes recipe how to fondant flower and leaf cutter decorations with edible glitter and chocolate sprinkles

By the wonder that is Facebook, I found out a couple of weeks ago, that there was a charity bake sale taking place in Toton, mere minutes drive away from us. I’m not really that great at giving money to charity, but am always happy to give my time or skills (Christmas present wrapping I just love!) for a worthy cause. This particular cause was Little Hearts Matter, and the event the brilliantly titled Big Hearted Bake, raising money for children born with heart conditions.

I wanted to bake something fun and family friendly, chocolate was definitely on the menu! I’d initially planned to make a big show-stopping cake to serve slices of, but time really wasn’t on my side last week, so I stuck with what I knew would work best – cute little cupcakes.

These lovely little cases jumped right out of my baking box, pretty black and white ivy designs from The Cake Decorating Company, based right here in Nottingham (more on this amazing shop to come in due course, I’m sure).

floral vine black and white cupcake cases cake decorating company nottingham

The recipe I used was a simple chocolate sponge from my Be-Ro book. It occurred to me that we used to make these exact cakes at home when I was little, but back then (about 20 years ago, eek!), we would never have called them cupcakes, they would have been chocolate buns through and through, as the book calls them. Funny how even baking has its trends that change!

chocolate victoria sponge cupcakes oven tray freshly baked white and black cases

When the cakes were cool, I topped them with a big swirl of mint buttercream – just butter and icing sugar, with a few drops of peppermint essence, and a tiny dab of green gel food colouring.

chocolate cupcake with mint swirl butter cream icing frosting light turquoise looks like ice cream

To decorate the tops, I followed the ivy theme from the cases, and used a flower and leaf plunger cutter, to cut shapes out of chocolate fondant. I worked a little tylose powder into the fondant before rolling it out, so the shapes would set nice and firm.

chocolate fondant flower and leaf shapes press cutters tylose powder to harden cupcake decorating

Then, it was simply a case of squishing the fondant topper straight onto the top of the mint buttercream…

chocolate and mint cupcake with flower and leaf fondant topper

… before finishing with some chocolate chunk sprinkles and some iridescent edible glitter (they’re for children, excess of glitter is a necessity, honest!)

mint chocolate cupcakes with edible glitter and chocolate sprinkle chunks swirl icing

The finished cupcakes – it took every inch of willpower not to eat one before they got dropped off at the bake sale.

mint chocolate cupcakes with fondant leaf and flower toppers edible hologram glitter

And the best news by far – the event raised nearly £1,800 for this lovely charity. If you want to see more details on Facebook, or follow their page so you can be a part next year, you can find the Toton bake here.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Carine says:

    They look lovely and I can understand it was difficult not to “taste” them 😉


    1. bakearama says:

      It really was! I might have to make them again just so I get one this time 🙂


  2. The baking says:

    Super-impressed! Especially by the chocolate fondant decorations. Well-done. 🙂


  3. Moo's Pantry says:

    They look very smart and professional!! x


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