Dedicated to Cupcakes – Sprinkles Bakery, LA

Following our travels in New Zealand we hopped on yet another plane in search of some California sunshine. I’ll keep it short for the sake of you still shivering back in the UK, but lets just say, we found it. On a daily basis. Bliss!

Of course no trip would be complete without a cake stop, and I knew LA had to be famed for something in this area – all those stars need sugar after all!
A quick search led me to Sprinkles Bakery, widely credited as the first dedicated cupcake bakery in the world. It was happy coincidence that the area we were in was the location of their very first bakery, opened in 2005, and of course we stopped by to have a sample.

Sprinkles Beverly Hills is set just 2 blocks (streets!) away from Rodeo Drive, and in a prime location to refuel after a hard days shopping.


On the palm lined streets, the bright exterior is easy to spot:


Look closely and you can see my parents enjoying a coffee on the far left!


Inside, for such a popular bakery (and with so many cupcakes on offer), the store is really quite tiny. The whole time we were there the queue was almost out the door.


And the cupcakes? Oh my what a selection!




And as if that wasn’t enough, the extras menu… A shot of frosting for when you really need a sugar hit?!


Although I’m not a personal fan of baking from mixes – how cute are these?


Finally we made our selections – clockwise from top: strawberry, milk chocolate, lemon coconut, and chocolate marshmallow


One big bite into my strawberry cupcake – look at all that frosting, and the moist, spongy cake! Both the cake and the icing were made with fresh strawberry purée, and it was completely yummy 🙂


On the way out I grabbed one of their menu cards, look at all those amazing flavours! I think we’ll just have to come back some day and try more…


And one final snap of delicious cupcake-ness – not content with being the worlds first cupcake bakery, they now have the worlds first cupcake ATM!
So even when the bakery is closed, you can still get a cupcake fix! Fantastic… or one step too far?


Needless to say we loved our trip to Sprinkles and had a fantastic time in California. As I write this from LAX airport, waiting to board the plane, I’ll miss the sunshine but can’t wait to get back in the kitchen!

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