Cute as a Button! Petit Four Mini Cupcakes & Silicon Fondant Mould How-To

fondant button mini petit four cupcakes bright spring colours

Tell me you don’t already love these cupcakes. HOW cute are they?!

A good few months ago I received a silicon button mould from my cake decorating magazine and finally had the chance to use it. The idea had been in my head for quite a while, and I had lots of brightly coloured fondant leftover from my Fondant Stars birthday cake, just waiting to be used up.

The cake was a simple vanilla sponge, baked in pastel petit fours cases, and topped with a swirl of vanilla buttercream.

I’ve not got on particularly well with fondant mould before – the icing normally cracks or sticks, or sometimes both! But, after reading a few tips and tutorials online, I think I’ve cracked it…

Start with a clean mould, and dust or brush well with corn flour (icing sugar will not work as it’s too sticky).

how to use a silicon mould for fondant start by dusting with corn flour

Take a small ball of fondant, knead well until soft (add some tylo powder if you want it to set hard), and press firmly into the mould:

silicon fondant mould tutorial press sugarpaste in well

Using a sharp knife, carefully trim away the excess. I used the straight edged top of the mould to level the knife:

trimming the excess edges from button silicon fondant mould how to

Leave to air-dry for a few minutes, if you have time. Then invert the mould, and slowly bend away. Bend the mould, not the fondant, otherwise it may crack:

silicon mould tutorial bend to get the fondant out red icing sugarpaste button

Brush off the excess cornflour, or, for added sheen, dab on a small amount of water:

finishing sugarpast fondant button using water to create shiny finish

Repeat for lots of beautiful buttons! (I sprayed mine with a quick spritz of gold shimmer)

fondant buttons bright colours yellow orange red green pink tylow powder

I only used the smallest button out of my mould so the results were small, but so perfectly formed:

tiny pink cupcake fondant button topper size of a penny

And the best thing? They’re only bite-sized, so there’s always an excuse to eat another!

cute as a button mini petit four moulded fondant topped cupcakes

tiny petit four cupcakes topped with moulded fondant buttons bright colours orange green yellow pink red spring baking ideas


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