Galaxy Bites Chocolate and Caramel Cupcakes

chocolate and caramel cupcakes recipe topped with rose buttercream and galaxy bites flower gold soft pearl centre

I’d love to tell you more about these but, truth be told, they have sat on my phone for about 2 months (the photos, not the cakes!), and my memory is, well, hazy at best!

The key ingredient I can tell you is my latest addiction in the chocolate market, Galaxy Bites. Think of a malteaser, but with creamy galaxy chocolate on the outside and smoooooth galaxy caramel inside. Yum!

galaxy bites chocolate fillled with caramel chopping up into chunks for cupcakes

The cupcakes were made form a basic vanilla sponge mixture. I used half light brown sugar to add a more caramel-y taste to the sponge, and a good handful of caramel bites, mixed in with the flour so they wouldn’t sink to the bottom on baking.

caramel cupcake mix with galaxy bites chunks chocolate mix in flour to keep from sinking

The baked cupcakes – a golden caramel colour and with sneaky peeks of chocolate!

caramel cupcakes with chunks of galaxy bites chocolate purple and pink foil cases

To decorate – it couldn’t really be anything else but more chocolate! A rose swirl of chocolate buttercream, topped with a quartered caramel bite, and finished with a soft gold pearl centre.

rose topped chocolate and caramel cupcake flower buttercream swirl gold soft pearl

purple and pink foil cases caramel and chocolate cupcakes buttercream rose swirl topping

chocolate and caramel rose flower cupcakes purple and pink cases artistic photos

6 Comments Add yours

  1. As I sit here munching into what should have been a red velvet cup cake (but is actually just a chocolate cup cake!) with no topping on at all because it went wrong and I have to try again this after noon I am very jealous of your Galaxyness! Nom, Nom.Nommmm


    1. bakearama says:

      I am jealous of your being able to bake mid-afternoon! Oh to not be stuck at my desk…
      PS is there ever really anything wrong with chocolate cupcakes?! Who needs them to be red anyway! x


  2. kerrycooks says:

    Yum! I imagine this would also be amazing with some kind of salted caramel (the liquid not the hard kind) chocolate like you can get in hotel chocolat, oh my days!


    1. bakearama says:

      Ooh I’ve not had the hotel chocolat one, but want to now!


      1. kerrycooks says:

        Most amazing chocolatiers do them, they’re INCREDIBLE! Had some artisan du chocolat ones too.


  3. Yum! I think those instructions are fine 🙂


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