Mother’s Day Tulip Cookie Pops

cookie pops flower bouquet biscuits hand decorated orange and yellow sugar glitter sugar royal icing

Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely mummy!

My Cake Decorating magazine came a couple of weeks ago with a lovely tulip biscuit cutter and this nifty little cake / cookie pop ‘vase’. I waited patiently and knew mother’s day was the perfect opportunity to use them – not your usual bunch of flowers!

mothers day tulip flower cake pops orange and yellow in cardboard polka dot vase mycakedecorating

After baking the biscuits on the sticks (use paper ones not plastic, and push gently in to at least halfway across the biscuit, before they go in the oven), I decorated in two different ways.

The first – as you can see above, are hand decorated in orange and yellow icing. I covered the large flower surfaces in pastel royal icing, allowing to dry before using a paintbrush to add the finer details and edging in darker orange/yellow. Finally, they were topped with gold soft pearls.

orange hand decorated tulip cookie pop with gold soft pearl decoration

The second – and quicker – used a pastel orange icing and dipping in pink and yellow sparkly/glitter sugar. The icing dried pretty quickly so I did the yellow fronts first, then the pink top, before using the icing alone for the sides. I again used a thin paintbrush to apply all the icing so that it only went on the areas needed.

glitter sugar tulip cookie pops biscuits on sticks flowers for mothers day

Tied with a bow for a beautiful bouquet!

flower bouquet tied ribbon bow tulip cookie pops for mothers day

4 Comments Add yours

  1. They’re very cute! nice cutter shape too 🙂


  2. Bonnie says:

    I got these too.. How did you put the box together? I can’t seem to get it right.. the bottom part doesn’t really fit in??


    1. bakearama says:

      From what I can remember, you assemble the outside (with the polka dots), and inside (plain white) separately, and then one slots into the other.
      Both have a little lip around the bottom, it helps them stand up, and then the inside needs the gap so the cake pops sit in straight, so it should end up being nearly flat with the polka dot bit at the top, like the picture.
      Hope that helps…? I remember thinking it didn’t fit when I first tried, but after a bit of playing round found the right way to do it.


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