Winter Chocolate Cupcakes

winter cupcakes gold and silver chocolate chips edible glitter

So finally it seems like the end of winter might be in sight, dare we hope? The days are getting lighter and longer, the snow is getting less frequent, and the temperatures are, well, still damn freezing to be honest!

In any case I thought it was about time these made it up, they were actually made for boxing day 2012, but there’s been so much baking-busyness, work, and travel in the first couple of months of 2013, I’ve been stock-piling photos and posts until some precious free time comes along.

As everyone wants in winter, they were a thick, moist cupcake, topped with a rich, creamy chocolate buttercream, swirled into a blizzard and topped with chocolate chips. Baked into silver and gold foil cases, they were adorned with complementing gold star or white snowflake sugar sprinkles, and an obligatory snowstorm of edible glitter.

silver and gold chocolate chip cupcakes stars snowflakes and edible glitter foil wrappers winter

gold and chocolate cupcakes stars chocolate chips foil cases

Seasonally very pretty, but let’s have some warmer weather now, hey?


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