Chocolate, Flowers and Butterflies Cake, for a new Baby Girl

new baby cake simple ideas butterflies and flowers baby girl polka dot cake stand

This weekend we finally had the opportunity to go and see one of my best friends and her nearly-new (now 3 week old) baby girl. Of course I couldn’t turn up without cake in hand!

Am pleased to report that all are well, baby is such a cutie and mum and dad filled with scrummy cake 🙂

The base of the cake was a chocolate sponge, filled with vanilla buttercream. I covered the top with green fondant before creating a garden fence out of buttons and mini chocolate fingers (found in the supermarket at Christmas, I’m not sure if you can get them all year round).

chocolate fingers and buttons fence on garden flower cake edging green grass fondant and flowers

To top, pastel coloured flowers, imprinted with the baby’s name using italic letter stencils, piped over with a thin black icing, and finished with some silver sparkly edible glitter.

evelyn baby name cake simple easy pink purple yellow flowers with stenciled name chocolate

Finally, 3 beautiful butterflies made using my new butterfly plunger cutters – another fab Christmas present. They imprint a fantastic pattern onto the icing which I painted with food colouring to match the flowers, and finished with a good spritz of gold shimmer spray.

set of three butterfly fondant icing plunger cutters ornate

baby cake green grass chocolate finger fence fondant printed stencil butterflies decorated with food coloruing and gold shimmer spray

Isn’t it cute! New babies are such a lovely occasion to bake for!

evelyn baby cake green fondant grass brightly coloured flowers name shimmer butterflies chocolate fingers edging

We sampled a slice before a snowy drive home (grr winter weather), well, the baby is too teeny to eat it so someone has too… 😉

chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream green grass fondant and chocolate finger fencing edge


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