Rice Crispy and Marshmallow House

christmas present gift rice crispy and marshmallow house decorated with royal icing and sweets snowman and penguin

So Twelfth night has passed and the decorations are all down – but that doesn’t stop us playing with our Christmas presents! Of all the lovely things I was lucky to get this is definitely one of my favourites. It’s actually for Rob and I to share – me to make and him to eat!

chocolate crispy house kit christmas present john  lewis baking gift

Inside it had everything needed to make a big sticky house:

ingredients in chocolate crispy kit marshmallows rice crispies royal icing

And instructions on the back! (And if you read the small print you can also see the kit came from John Lewis)

instructions reverse of box chocolate crispy house rice crispies marshmallow

First step was to melt the marshmallows (with a couple of tablespoons of butter, then only thing not included in the kit). At this stage I very nearly dug out a spoon and didn’t go any further!

melting marshmallows gooey pan

The melted marshmallows were not quite what I’d expected, very thick, sticky and gooey. It took a good bit of elbow grease to get the rice crispies mixed in.

melted marshmallows sticky and thick

Then it was a simple case of pressing the rice crispies into the plastic mould. I covered the back with a piece of greaseproof paper to press the mixture down firmly and evenly.

rice crispie marshmallow house firming and flattening pieces in mould

With the mixture so firmly together the pieces came out of the mould easily, with a little pushing through from the back.

crispy house walls coming out of mould marshmallows sticky

After repeating the marshmallow melting and adding cocoa for the roof pieces, I put everything on a baking tray and into the fridge to set firmly.

Next step was to stick everything together. The supplied sachet of royal icing was a good thickness and plentiful for everything I needed to do. Sticking bits together not so easy! I had to employ a few heavy kitchen items to support the sides while they set.

constructing a marshmallow crispy house for christmas using heavy supports to stick the walls together

Likewise when it came to the roof pieces – lucky I had another great present that was a perfect size to sit underneath and hold them up. Cupcake spoons I’m sure will feature again soon!

marshmallow crispy house chocolate roof holding up supporting while royal icing sets

While the house was drying I used up the remaining rice crispies to make up some occupants – a big, round snowman, and cute little penguin. Decorating the with the royal icing and suites supplied, I used an edible-ink pen to dot the penguins eyes as there were no more chocolate crispies left!

penguin and snowman made out of rice crispy and marshmallows decorated with royal icing and sweets jelly beans

And finally onto the most fun part – adoring the house with the rest of the sweets and royal icing.

I piped tiles and a sweet design onto the roof:

roof piece royal icing tiled with sweets jelly beans chocolate rice crispies and marshmallows

And topped the two roof pieces with some jelly hearts:

icing sweetie tiles on the roof of crispy house chocolate

For the front, I’d moulded a chocolate front door, decorated with yet more sweets!

decoration on the front of rice crispy marshmallow house front door jelly beans royal icing chocolate

The finished product! It was actually quite simple to assemble, as long as you have enough space in the fridge to chill the pieces first. And a lot quicker than baking all the pieces for my previous Christmas Gingerbread House!

rice crispy house marshmallows with chocolate sweets and royal icing penguin and snowman

The new occupants seemed very pleased with their new house :-):

rice crispy snowman and penguin chocolate outside christmas marshmallow house

The only downside I could find; the marshmallow never really sets firm so you have to work in a very cold environment. It wasn’t even warm in our house and 15 minutes of decorating was more than the construction could handle…

collapsing marshmallow and rice crispy house too warm

Rob was quite happy with this result as it meant eating the house straight away – if needs must!

A great afternoons entertainment and eating from a brilliant Christmas present, plus I’ll definitely be keeping the mould to use again next (this) year. Chocolate houses maybe…?

I did weigh the ingredients before putting the house together  so could easily recreate the recipe – 2x rice crispies at 85g each, 2x marshmallows at 100g each, and 10g of cocoa powder for the chocolate roof pieces. Melt the marshmallows 1 pack at a time with 25g of butter, stir in 1 pack of rice crispies, cool slightly and press into the mould. Repeat adding cocoa powder for the chocolate pieces).


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