G and Teatime – Afternoon Tea with a Twist

This afternoon we spent a lovely couple of hours at The Lacehouse in Nottingham (at the time of writing their site is under development, find them on Facebook in the meantime).

In the heart of Nottingham’s Lace Market, the Lacehouse is a lovely new bar taking full advantage of the areas original brickwork and beautifully crafted buildings.


The afternoon was run by G and Teatime who host a lot of different events and tastings around the country. Keep an eye out for voucher codes – our afternoon was £29 a person which is much more reasonable than the published price!

We were hosted by the lovely Kate; very knowledgeable on all that is alcohol, she started with a history of gin, it’s flavours, distilling, and journey to present day. Think it’s an English drink? Not at all, we stole it from the Netherlands! And it’s where the phrase Dutch courage comes from, after the troops took it with them during the Dutch Thirty Years war.


As we arrived we were straight into the tasting, with a spiced gin cocktail to warm the cockles! The spiced gin was mixed with apple juice and English breakfast tea, and had a yummy, warming, Christmassy flavour.


To line our stomachs we were also supplied with great platters of tea, sandwiches and cakes.



As we munched on the sandwiches and cakes, Kate continued to explain how to taste and test gin. We also had a sniff of the flavourings used in Caorunn’s
gin – and after a few tasting tips we could definitely taste some of them!



A few more gins later…



(Sloane’s modelled by our lovely gin dolly!)


An hour and a half later we were swaying slightly but with big smiles on our faces. The afternoon was definitely more about the gin than it was about the cake, but we had a lovely time nonetheless. I’d definitely advise having a big lunch before – not normal practice with afternoon tea! A social, educational and definitely tasty event 🙂



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