Spiced Pumpkin and Treacle Tart

Who’d have guessed you could have a whole evenings’ fun with a pumpkin, and one that cost only £1 from tesco!

With Rob carving and me baking we had great (and tasty) fun; I can’t share an exact recipe as such as it was a bit of a make-it-up-as-you-go-along, but I hope it gives you some halloween inspiration.

The pumpkin was only little, about 1.5 kilograms in total, but perfect for us to have a little play.

I set Rob to work scooping (with the promise he could carve whatever he wanted to afterwards) – and am certain he had no idea what he was in for! About an hour later I ended up with about 600g of pumpkin flesh for my tart. In the meantime I’d made some wholemeal pastry, rested it for 1/2 hour, and blind baked my tart case (so it wouldn’t get soggy from the filling).

Because it was already in small bits from being scooped, I spread the pumpkin on a baking tray, sprinkled with brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a little ginger,  and roasted for 20 minutes.

Then I mixed in just a couple more ingredients – 2 eggs, a teaspoon of treacle and a sprinkle more sugar. The spices were already smelling great and after testing a little of the roasted pumpkin I decided not to add any more.

All mixed together, I poured the pumpkin mixture into the tart case and topped with a pastry pumpkin (art was never my strongest subject), before baking for about 20 minutes until just set.

A delicious smell of sugary spices wafting through the kitchen and the tart was cooked – perfect with some custard, ice cream, or even a splash of fresh cream.

Very little goes to waste in my kitchen – so I also spread the pumpkin seeds out on a tray (removing the yucky goopy stringy bits that hold it together), brushed them very lightly with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, and roasted for about 15 minutes. Tasty, healthy, and a great bonus to making pumpkin pie!

Oh and the pumpkin? Well, the boy done good! He had a whale of a time carving out the face, and sat proudly watching the candle flicker inside. And despite his despise for carving it out in the first place, apparently he is buying another at the weekend, bigger, more elaborate – and more pumpkin pies on the way!


8 thoughts on “Spiced Pumpkin and Treacle Tart

  1. That is a fine pumpkin! We are having a small halloween party this weekend, i’m looking forward to toasting some seeds and a touch of seasonal baking also!

    • Hope you had a great party!
      I love how versatile they are, my dad has just give us another huge one so I have another great week of making pumpkin-related meals and desserts 🙂

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