Home-Made Ferrero Rocher & Low-Fat Chocolate Truffles

Show me a woman and I’ll bet you she can give you an excuse to eat chocolate. I had a bad day at work. It’s Friday. I had a good day at work. Because I want to.

Well – I am happy to give you another one – and be warned, you’ve probably got some catching up to do – it’s National Chocolate Week! After you’ve finished dancing around I’m afraid I must tell you there are only 2 days left (it runs in the UK until 14 October) so best start pronto.

I wanted to make something quite simple mid-week just as a treat for Rob and I. But I was also conscious that we’re on a bit of a health kick (at the gym by 6.30am, twice already this week, yes I was), so didn’t want to make something that was just going to pile the pounds straight back on.

Inspired by this recipe from health-foodie, I set about making some truffles. They’re not something I’ve made before but require no baking and give you a lot of free rein to experiment with flavour, so seemed perfect.

I must apologise that there are no work-in-progress or step by step photos to show you with this post. But you must understand, it’s a very sticky job.

Likewise, after a while I had to stop weighing my ingredients because everything was sticking to my hands rather than staying on the scales. So – take the recipe with a pinch of salt (not literally) and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Basic low fat chocolate truffle recipe (makes about 6 bite-sized truffles)

40g dates
40g prunes
20g dark chocolate, melted
10-15g cocoa

Assorted sprinkles and coatings

You’ll also need: a Food processor

The basic idea for this recipe is to put everything in the food processor and combine it to a smooth, chocolatey paste. I started with the fruit, making sure this was very finely chopped, before adding the melted chocolate then the cocoa.
As you want quite a stiff mixture, your processor might start to complain after adding the cocoa and not really move very fast at all. If this is the case, don’t force the food processor to carry, just take out a spoon and finish mixing.

You want the final texture to be soft and sticky enough to roll into balls. Don’t be afraid to taste, test, and adapt. Add more cocoa if it’s not chocolatey enough, a tiny splash of water or milk it’s too dry, or some icing sugar if it’s a bit wet.

Then simply roll in your coatings, refrigerate for at least an hour and enjoy!

Clockwise from top I used: cocoa powder, crushed hazelnuts, chocolate sprinkles and pink glitter (glimmer) sugar.

For the 2 chocolate coatings I just used the chocolate mixture plain:

With the pink glitter sugar I decided to flavour the inside, using a splash of amaretto and some dried dark cherries (plus a little more cocoa to balance out the extra liquid). These were probably my favourite, a crunchy sugar shell, moist, almondy inside with chewy cherries. Yum!

Onto the pièce de résistance – hazelnut truffles or homemade Ferrero Rocher (I didn’t even realise this until after I’d made them!) While rolling up the balls of chocolate mixture I placed a whole hazelnut in the middle, then coated the outside in crushed hazelnuts (I would have used the food processor to chop them more finely but it was rather full of chocolate goop…)

I can definitely understand now why people often say they make truffles as gifts at Christmas etc. They are so simple to make, inexpensive, easy to store, but have a great wow factor and just need a pretty little box to perfectly show them off.
Anyone on my Christmas list… clear some space in the fridge!

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