Nearly-Neapolitan Mini Cupcakes

Back from a lovely weeks holiday, relaxed, tanned, and itching to get back into the kitchen!

We’d been home all of about an hour before I dreamt up a good unpacking-avoidance technique of making some mini cupcakes, and they’d be the perfect thank-you gift for our lovely cat-sitters. It was the first day of National Cupcake Week,  and, inspired by a post over on playingwithflour I decided to try some pretty neapolitans.

The mixture was a simple vanilla sponge, I only made a small amount with 50g each of butter, SR flour and sugar, with one egg. Splitting into 3 I added a tablespoon of cocoa powder to one third, a good splosh of pink colouring to the second (fresh back from holiday our cupboard was clean out of anything raspberry flavoured!) and in the final a good amount of vanilla essence.

Using a mini-muffin tin, coated well in cake release, I carefully applied each layer of colour: chocolate, pink, then vanilla. To get the layers as even as possible, I put a dollop of batter in the centre, then used a cocktail stick to carefully spread out to the edges.

Because they were only teeny, they didn’t need long in the oven –  I gave them 7 minutes then quickly turned them out onto a cooling rack. The sight that met me was not exactly what I’d expected…

It seemed that the chocolate mixture had not been happy on the bottom and tried to force its way to the top, pushing up the pink in the process. Stopping just short of stomping my feet and throwing a tantrum, I took a knife and cut into one of them:

Inside was actually better than the top – the layers miraculously seemed to have gone sideways, leaving the cupcakes with a chocolate outer ‘cup’, with a pink lining and white vanilla centre. Not the end of the world!

I wanted to play on the way the chocolate outside had worked so well – so used chocolate buttercream, a white fondant star, and a pink chocolate bean, to allude to what was inside, but still look like a chocolate cupcake through and through.

Once cut open they had a lovely chocolate coating and the colours looked great inside.

And sliced again sideways – a perfect neopolitan stripe!

So, not quite the neapolitans I’d intended, but they made a good gift and were well-recieved by our cat-sitters! Will I try and make horizontal stripes again? Watch this space… it is National Cupcake Week for 5 more days!


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