A Trip to Tiffin Teahouse

On a fresh, late summers morning, in a leafy suburb of Nottingham, chaos descended as I met some friends for brunch aka cake-for-breakfast, at the delightful Tiffin Teahouse.

Tiffin is located on Abbey Road, amidst only a handful of shops, but a mere minutes walk from the hustle and bustle of Central Avenue. There’s ample on-street parking nearby, so it’s a great place to meet for groups like us, coming from all corners of the city.

It’s often easy to drive past (the tables and chairs aren’t often outside, it is  British summer after all!) but on this particular morning, no expense was spared, with a charismatically-chic bicycle signage board, and even a (fake!) green-grass carpet.

We ummed and aahed over the slightly-better-for-you breakfast menu, but on approaching the counter all thoughts of anything savoury had completely gone out the window; the simply divine-looking homemade cakes, on their shiny glass stands, were just too much to resist. Is it ever possible to be too early for cake? Pre-10am didn’t seem to affect us much!

I opted for a slice of the coffee and walnut cake, on the reasoning that coffee is a very morning thing to have, and walnuts are a superfood, so must be good for me. One rather generous slice later and I definitely felt healthier 😉

Like any good tea room, Tiffin have a great range of vintage china crockery to serve all food and drink. An added bonus at this teahouse is a fantastic range of fresh blended teas, hand labelled and perfect from a crisp china cup.

After being offered a good sniff (to check it was what I wanted), I went for a pot of gunpowder green mint tea – a slightly healthier start to the day. How delightful is this chinese-floral print teapot? (And the tea was equally as tasty!)

Although it’s only a relatively little shop, Tiffin have managed to pack a lot of little quirks into their tearoom. It’s kitsch and cute without being over the top, and I love noticing different things every time you look around.

Needless to say we had a lovely morning, and will definitely be going back The staff were friendly and chatty during our trip, and completely at ease with me snapping away, as long as they weren’t in any photos, and I added them to their Facebook! So, without further ado, I’m off to post over there…

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