Hello Kitty Butter Biscuits

About a month ago I stumbled across this amazing Hello Kitty dessert display, and immediately wanted to make something Hello-Kitty-esque of my own!

A quick search on eBay soon found me some super-cute cookie cutters. The down-side? They were coming from Hong Kong and took about a month to arrive. The up-side? They cost the bargainous total of £1.11, for both cutters, including postage! Search for ‘Hello Kitty Cookie Cutters’ and you’ll soon find them. There are some more expensive sugarcraft ones but I swear these are identical – you just need to be patient with the postman.

I’d searched for recipes to use up the yolks left from last week’s giant pavlova – and these french butter biscuits worked perfectly. I added the juice and rind of a lemon but it totally wasn’t necessary; the rich, buttery flavour was great on its own.

To keep the kitties so perfectly in shape, I pressed the cutter into the dough, then used a spatula to lift it onto the baking tray.

With the outside cutter still in place, I put in the imprint plunger and firmly pressed down (but not too firmly that the dough comes out the bottom of the cutter!):

To get the biscuit free of the cutter, still perfectly shaped and with imprinted-face intact, I carefully lifted up the outside cutter, and used the plunger to gently push the biscuit out onto the tray:

Repeated several times over, and I soon had a tray fully of kitties to bake!

They went into the oven for 12 minutes altogether; as we have a fan oven I rotated them in the last few minutes, so they’d get browned on all sides.

Then it was onto the decorating! First I did all the eyes and whiskers with some black royal icing.

For the rest of the details – well, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Hello Kitty very much likes to co-ordinate her outfits! So I picked pairs of complimentary colours to adorn the bows, nose and clothes ;o)

Now seems a good time to mention that I use normal food bags for a lot of my fine piping details (I have a bigger set with nozzles for cupcake frosting, etc). But for tasks like this, when you are using a lot of different colours, and piping fine lines, these are perfect!
I use these ones from Tesco as they don’t have any seam down the side – you can see they have a perfectly uninterrupted corner – so you can snip off as much as you want to get the right thickness, and pipe steadily onto your biscuits.
They’re only about £1.50 for a pack of 60 – much cheaper than normal piping bags – so I can simply thrown them away when I’m finished.

Back to the biscuits – I decorate the kitties in pink and purple, orange and yellow, and blue and green (all in royal icing, so it would set nice and hard, and not smudge during storage or transportation):

Each was adorned with a different sugar sprinkle (from my rather vast collection!) From hundreds and thousands on the bows…

…and collars…

… to sugar stars…

… and even personalised with Hello Kitty initials!:

I still can’t decide my favourite!

These were SO much fun to make, and went down a storm at home, work, and with friends. Reactions ranged from Rob: “you do know I work on a building site” to a friends little girl who proclaimed it was like her birthday being given one of the biscuits! Not only are they super cute but they were also super easy – minimal piping skills and plenty of sugar sprinkles required 🙂


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