Banana and Caramel Cupcakes

I have a confession to make. These photos have been on my computer for nearly a month, and I very nearly forgot what was in the cupcakes! They were made for the same housewarming as my New Home Biscuits so in all fairness I had such a busy time of baking and decorating that it’s no surprise things got a little forgotten.

So I don’t have the recipe to share I’m afraid – it would have been a pretty basic sponge recipe, with a mashed banana added, and they were beautifully light and spongy.

What I most want to share with you is this hallowed beauty:

Tinned caramel. Dulce de leche. This was my first time of using it and my gosh! I could have eaten the whole tin by the spoonful! It’s basically just condensed milk and sugar, but it tastes like aΒ whole lot more than this.

I would have liked to have made my own – in fact I also brought a tin of sweetened condensed milk in the supermarket at the same time – but honestly did not have a three hour period in which to boil it myself. Thankfully Carnation have cottoned well onto the fact that we’re a lazy bunch, so you can but this pre-made caramel which is useable straight out the can.
I hollowed out the centre of the cupcakes with a knife, filled with gooey caramel, then topped with whipped buttercream, a generous drizzle more caramel, and some gold star sugar sprinkles.

And that’s all I really have to tell you about these cupcakes – but enjoy the photos! And think of that gooey, caramel-y, dulce de leche…. yum πŸ™‚

NB – I packed them into cupcake boxes (I get mine from Hobbycraft in packs of 3 – can’t find them online though). They just about survived the journey without getting too melted or smushed. The good thing about the caramel drizzles is that you can’t really tell if they smudge – and even if they do they mix beautifully into the buttercream!

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