The Final Strawberry: Low-fat Trifles

After birthday cake and tarts, I had just enough strawberries left for one more dish. I’ve never made it myself before, but my dad makes amazing ones, and everybody seems to love a good trifle!

As with a lot of my cooking for Rob and I, I wanted to make them as healthy as possible, so used low-fat & low sugar alternatives wherever possible.

Then, it was as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1: Layers of chopped strawberries and sponge cake, covered in no-added-sugar Hartley’s strawberry jelly (the ones that come in powdered sachets).
(I didn’t have any suitable sponge in the freezer (Guinness cake & strawberry trifle anyone?!), so whipped up a really quick microwave sponge in a mug – almost any plain cake will do – I remember my grandma experimenting with sultana sponge, coconut cake, whatever she had left… in my opinion, the simpler the better!)
Leave in the fridge to set then…

2: Layer of custard (I used Bird’s instant custard, made with low-cal sweetener & skimmed). Leave in the fridge to set then…

3: Layer of sugar-free strawberry Angel Delight, whipped up with skimmed milk, topped with sugar sprinkles.

And it’s that easy; look at those layers!

I decorated the glasses with a little patterned tape from dotcomgiftshop; the glasses and sundae spoons are both from Ikea.

A small aside – nothing’s ever simple in my kitchen! I have inherited incredibly bad custard making skills from my mum. Not the proper, egg yolk kind, no, just simple, bird’s instant, mix with milk and sugar and heat. As a child I remember my mum’s attempts at desserts being either thick, yellow blancmange, or pale, yellow milk. My attempts are never much better:

Add to this 2 cats wanting to try some of everything – they were particular fans of licking the angel delight jug & spatula:

And the empty glasses!:

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