Pink Iced Strawberry Buttercream Birthday Cake

A summer birthday and a big punnet of strawberries… how could you resist this amazing strawberry buttercream filled cake?

The cake was a victoria sponge, sweetened with a few spoonfuls of vanilla yoghurt (also makes it extra light and fluffy.)

To fill, I pureed some strawberries, an amazing excuse to use my new mini blender ๐Ÿ™‚ Expect to see more recipes that require fine chopping, ground ingredients, etc…!

To this I added some a couple of teaspoons of butter, then icing sugar. Because the strawberries were quite liquid after pureeing, it took quite a bit of icing sugar to get it to a thick consistency, which I then put into the fridge to harden a little more before spreading inbetween the layers.

To top off the cake – matching pink icing! I finally found a use for the alphabet sprinkles I bought in Bath, and studded the rest of the cake with little white stars.

A lovely, light, fresh cake, perfect for summer. It went in the fridge for a good few hours to set (and still melted a little on the way over!) but the birthday girl certainly loved it. Happy birthday to Rob’s mum!


Edit: forgive me for I have sinned.

In my strawberry and sprinkle excitement, I completely forgot to reference my inspiration for the polka dot (star) topping. My English teacher’s would be fuming!

Please take a look at at the lovely Geraldine’s blog – she made her own birthday cake which looks amazingly tasty and brilliantly simple!

9 thoughts on “Pink Iced Strawberry Buttercream Birthday Cake

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