Home Sweet, Sweet Home

This weekend we went down to Maidenhead to visit some friends in their lovely new home. I’d promised to make cupcakes – but couldn’t but add a little house warming gift in the form of these pretty biscuits!

The recipe was from my biscuiteers book – a yummy, sticky chocolate that made soft, easy to roll dough. I also followed their suggestion of refrigerating the dough, before rolling it between two sheets of greaseproof paper. Mess free! I’d found a house template online (here), and printed them off. Then it was a simple case of laying them on the dough, and cutting around with a sharp knife.

12 minutes baking (and an impatient amount of cooling time!) later, I covered them in ‘brick’ shades of royal icing. A different colour for the house base and roof, finished off with different tiling patterns – spots, stripes, and swirly tiles.

This is one street I’d be more than happy to live in!

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