Baked Cherry and Amaretto Cheesecake

Did you know that yesterday was National Cheesecake day?

What better way to celebrate than with this fruity, boozy, sticky number – and it’s low fat too!

I’d promised a while ago to share my recipe for this, so, no time like the present. Personally I don’t normally get the scales out for my cheesecakes, because the recipe always follows pretty much the same format, and you don’t really need to weigh much out, but I’ve detailed as best I can.

This will make a mini cheesecake as per the pictures, about a 4-5 inch diameter round, but you can easily double or triple the quantities for a bigger one.


– 5 low fat digestive biscuits
– 1 teaspoon low day spread (e.g. I can’t believe it’s not butter)
– 150g extra light cream cheese (1/2 pack of philadelphia)
– 130g low fat yoghurt (1/2 a muller light or similar)
– 1 teaspoon sweetener or 1 tablespoon sugar (to taste)
– 1 egg
– flavouring – go wild! Think chocolate, fruits, liquor… If you add anything wet you may need to increase the baking time slightly.

You will also need a springform (loose bottom) baking tin – this is essential! I cannot imagine how you’d ever get the cheesecake out of a normal tin…


– crush the biscuits finely, and mix with the melted butter. Press firmly and evenly into the bottom of your tin. Put the tin into the fridge for a few minutes while you make the cheese part.
– beat together the cream cheese, yoghurt, sugar/sweetener, and, depending what you’re using, the flavouring, until there are no lumps and it’s completely smooth
– taste! The sweetness very much depends on what type of yoghurt you use, whether it’s sugar or sweetener, and your flavouring. Make sure you are happy that there’s a good balance of creamy cheese, flavour, and sweetness
– add the egg and just mix in – i.e., if you can still see a few bits of unmixed egg, this is fine. Don’t over mix here!
– carefully pour the cheese mixture over the biscuit base. If it doesn’t all fit in the tin, don’t fill it right to the brim, leave a good few millimetres gap, as it will rise a little and bubble during cooking.
– put in oven, middle shelf, at 180 degrees C for 15 minutes. (If you’re doing a large cheesecake, say, double the mixture, it will need much more time – 25-30 mins at least to start off with)
– after 15 minutes, check your cheesecake. Do not touch it or insert a skewer! You want it to be ‘just set’ – if you wobble the tin slightly, is it still quite liquidy in the middle? If so, give it another 5 minutes
– the ‘just set’ texture is similar to blancmange – it’s ok for it to wobble a bit, if you’re not sure give it a little more time, it is a very moist cheesecake anyway so you’d struggle to make it dry and overcooked.
– when you’re happy that it’s set, take the tin out of the oven and place somewhere to cool. Take a knife and very carefully run it all the way around the edge, between the tin and the cake. The cheesecake will shrink slightly as it cools, so this allows it to form nice neat edges.
– depending how it impatient you are, let it cool slightly / completely (either is fine tbh), then carefully open the springform pan, and pull the top off. Use a knife / fish slice or similar to carefully lift the base of the tin away from the cheesecake. Do this over a plate, push the knife in and down onto the tin slowly and carefully, so you don’t break up the biscuit base.
– et voila! Depending on your chosen flavour you may want to add a topping, as I have done with this one. Refrigerate until you’re ready to serve. Generally it will keep for a good 4-5 days in the fridge, keeping it covered. If you use fresh fruit perhaps a little less.
This variation was made with

– my new heart shaped springform tin!
– a good slug of amaretto in the batter
– chopped black cherries in the bottom half of the batter
(to get the layered effect, bake the bottom half for 5 minutes before adding the top section)
– brown sugar to complement the amaretto (I use Tate and Lyle’s Light at Heart a lot of them time when cooking for Rob and I – it is expensive but you can’t put a price on our waistlines :-))
– some very alcoholic cherry topping! Melted butter and brown sugar, boiled up with amaretto and more cherries, until it was thick and sticky

The layers didn’t stay very well defined, because the cherry colour was strong, but I love the way the fruit sank to give a graduated colour. Totally unplanned!

And inside – lots of yummy stickiness 🙂

Needless to say, it didn’t last long! Maybe I could claim it’s cheesecake week and make some more…?!

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