Photo Friday

With the exception of my patriotic battenburg, this week has been pretty quiet baking-wise. I’m not quite sure what else has made it so busy – but my suitcase from Hong Kong still lies half unpacked in the middle of the bedroom floor…

Sticking to my promise of weekly photo updates – this week I am sharing my baking wishlist. Of course this means I don’t have my own photos to use – so hope you will forgive me, and take some inspiration as well!

1) The MAT by Sweetwise – sold in the UK by The Cake Decorating Company. Basically just one large square of clear plastic, that you pop your fondant icing etc. between, and roll out quickly, evenly, and smoothly. From the reviews I’ve seen it makes covering large cakes a doddle – and anyone that’s worked with fondant knows how tricky this can get!

2) Adjustable square cake tin by Silverwood. I am almost certain that this is the same time my mum has already. I borrowed it last year but she took it back – threatening not to make Christmas cake if I didn’t! She honestly doesn’t use it much so I’m hoping to give it a permanent home in my cupboard – with the addition of an extra set of dividers so I really can make any size of cake.

3) Cake Pop Easy Roller from Heavenly Cake Pops. A video for this appeared on my Facebook earlier in the week, courtesy of the same The Cake Decorating Company in Nottingham, who are one of the UK sellers. Watch the video in amazement as I did – how to make perfect round little cake pops every time. But it got me thinking – isn’t half the fun getting your hands sticky making them yourself? Then I looked at the price as I was writing this post. Whoa! Staying firmly put on the wishlist.

Happy shopping for the weekend! Any other must-haves you’ve stumbled across, or you think would be a welcome addition to a baker’s kitchen?

11am Edit: and the supplier said “Let there be sweets….!”

Look what we just had to delivered to our office! I absolutely had to share it with you. It’s a thank you for our recent business (Hong Kong being a part of this), and is so gratefully received on this grey, rainy Friday.

From A Quarter of…‘s retro sweetshop, it came beautifully packaged in a wooden hamper, and I love how all the sweets are pink 🙂
A note to my dentist… for what I am about to eat, please forgive me!!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue says:

    Mum says – cake tin is mine!!!!!


    1. bakearama says:

      Can I borrow it at least??!


  2. rumpydog says:

    What? no cookies? *pouts*


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