Photo Friday

1) Is it a hotdog? Not on this blog! Look closely at the sign and you can see it’s actually a chocolate custard.  Delightful Japanese bakery Bo-Lo’GNE have just opened a new branch in Elements Mall, which was attached to our hotel (the W) in Hong Kong

2) Cake with a view! We were fed very well at the W – this was just one of the many treats in the coffee breaks. In the background you can see spectacular views of Hong Kong harbour.

3) Home Made Ricotta Bomboloni from 208 Duecento Otto: sweet Italian fritters with raspberry marmellata and mascarpone zabaglione. Dessert at a delightful Italian on Hong Kong Island.

4) Blossom Globeamaranth Tea (also known as Flowering Globe Amaranth). A traditional chinese tea, and gift given to all the guests in HK this week. The idea is that once you add water, the flower blooms and steeps into a sweet tea. Unfortunately not as picturesque as I’d expected (more like something out of Day of the Triffids), but more tasty – sweet, and slightly floral.

5) Chocolate cupcake candles from dotcomgiftshop. For a while now I’ve wanted something to show off my glass domed cake stand (Ikea) when I’ve not got anything freshly-baked to go in there. These were in the sale and look perfect – and yes it’s the second week this website has featured as I am truly addicted 🙂

I do feel a little sad that I didn’t get time for any bakeware shopping while out in Hong Kong – there must be worlds of cute little things! But  everything went well, we saw and ate some amazing things, and it’s an excuse to go back again soon….

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