Fire! Fire! Theme Party Cupcakes

Another one from the archives of my iPhone! As this was BB (before blog) it is sadly lacking in work-in-progress photos, but the end result is still pretty impressive, if I do say so myself 🙂

Back in January 2012, a friend of mine held a uniform-themed party for his birthday. As his costume was a fireman, I decided to theme the cupcakes on this!

A quick google led me to this lovely blog from marythekay (others are available but I liked this one!)

The concept was quite simple: chocolate cupcakes in red and orange wrappers, piped with red, orange and yellow icing.

The piping was incredibly messy, but a lot of fun! Split your buttercream into 3, colour red, orange and yellow. With a star nozzle on your piping bag, spoon in some of each colour, and away you go!

A quick squeeze on the piping bag before pulling away sharply will give the short spiky effect of fire, and the colours mix together brilliantly to give the streaked colours.

In a change from edible glitter, I topped these cupcakes with matching fire-coloured sprinkles. I think it really adds to the crackling fire look.

The final touch came from some quick printing. I found firemen and fire engine images online, and set them up in a document so they’d print in a mirror effect – when I cut them out I could fold over and they’d be double-sided. They were stuck together / onto a cocktail stick with a small blob of blu tac. Very Blue Peter -esque, but I love them!

From what I remember (memory slightly blurred through alcohol on the night & time passed since…), it was a great party. The hosts had done a great job in theming their house too! Including a fireman’s car:

Gigantic fire engine complete with lights – you could even get inside and have your photo taken with Fireman Sam!

And a fabulous war room – for all those in miiltary themed costume:

This certainly won’t be the last you see of theme / fancy dress parties… my wardrobe is heaving with all kinds of costumes, and of course any excuse to make a cake to match!

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