Competition Cake – Jubilee Theme

While I’ve got your attention – it really is a competition, and I really would love you to vote if you can spare a click or two! Edit – competition now closed.

A couple of weeks ago I read that the cake decorating magazine to which I subscribe is running a competition to win a great selection of baking equipment from Lakeland – one of my favourite kitchenware shops.

I’d been thinking about what to make for a while, and happened to glance at the site again to see that the deadline is this Friday, eek! Being away with work Wednesday – Thursday meant I had to spring into action pretty sharpish.

The theme for the competition is, not unexpectedly, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, which is slowly taking over the country one tea party at a time.

The idea had been in my head for a while – an elaborate Union Jack flag – with red, white and blue made out of the sparkliest cake decorations I can find.

As usual my cake was a simple victoria sponge (nothing more British!), baked in a loaf tin and trimmed down to size. The ends I think I will save to make a trifle with soon… yum 🙂

Then it was a simple case of covering in butter icing – first a crumb layer then a second smooth layer, refrigerated in between;

and lastly crisp white fondant – because I was extra keen to impress I rolled it out quite thick, so it wouldn’t crack or split and would tease out easily round the corners – even I am impressed!

Onto the decoration – I’d chosen sugar stars and sugar balls, largely because they both came in the red and blue that I needed!

After loosely marking out the lines on the fondant, I marked out the positions with a cocktail stick for the stars, and blunt ended tool for the balls (so they’d have a little well to sit in and wouldn’t roll around). Then with a dip of icing applied with a cocktail stick, I got to work making the flag:

Repeated 146 times later (yes, I counted), and I was done!

And as if you couldn’t see it coming already – finishing touch in the form of silver shimmer lustre, lightly painted onto all the decorations with a little brush.

I was in love. It was beautiful. I took my new cake-crush outside for its official photoshoot for the competition.

The final picture had to have my name in it – which you’ll see on the left hand side of this if you go and vote. (Edit: voting now closed) I absolutely love the way a ladybird has crawled into the picture as well – it obviously wanted to join in with the red, white and blue theme!

A snap or several more later…

…and my cake was entered!

The best thing about this one? I didn’t have to give it away, wait for people to come round, or take it somewhere else to eat. I cut big pieces for Rob and I and we tucked in! It was so yummy that Rob went back for a second piece straight away… the ultimate of wins 🙂

5 Comments Add yours

  1. kerrycooks says:

    Lovely! Cake looks wonderful and I’ve voted for you!


    1. bakearama says:

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. gorgeous, It looks fantastic. Cute little Ladybird wanting some fame!


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