Sprinkles in (the) Bath

This weekend we had a mini break down in Somerset, visiting everywhere from Bristol to Bath, Weston-Super-Mare to the delightful Cheddar, at the bottom of Britain’s biggest Gorge.

Our (ok my) most exciting find came in the form of this divine little cake supply shop in the back streets of beautiful Bath:

The Happy Cupcake Company only have a couple of stores, both of them in the South of the UK. The Bath store looked extra special because of its setting among the ancient town. You can see that their swinging sign is right next to an old inscription in the wall.

What follows inside is no less amazing; a little treasure trove of cupcake supplies, from themed paper cases and decorations, to ornate stands, and my favourite, an amazing choice of about 50 different types of cake sprinkles.

After fluttering my eyelashes at Rob, I secured the funds to take up their “5 sprinkles for £10” offer – little did he know how long it would take me to decide! Here is my final selection – 3 bright colours of hundreds and thousands, sparkly gold stars, and multi-coloured alphabet letters.

I love the vibrant colours of the hundreds and thousands – deep indigo purple, striking sky blue, and girlie hot pink. You’ll be able to see my cakes from miles away!

Chilli is clearly a girl after my own heart – her favourites were clearly the hot pink ones! Are e-numbers bad for cats…?

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  1. kerrycooks says:

    Lovely little bakery! Love the turquoise colour of the outside


    1. bakearama says:

      You can imagine my excitement when we walked round the corner and saw it…
      I think it was your blog that linked me to Sweet Success in Nottingham – itching to go and try that one out now!


      1. kerrycooks says:

        Oooh yes, sweet success is good. And the Cake Decorating Company too! So many sprinkles!


      2. bakearama says:

        Thanks! How I have not heard of these before I’ll never know, looks like a shopping spree (again!) next weekend…!


      3. kerrycooks says:

        Enjoy! 🙂


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