Message in a Biscuit

Sometimes it’s nice to make a message out of your baking. Sure presents are nice, flowers etc., but is there anything better than a personal, handmade, super tasty message?!

Rob has been in hospital today for an operation on his hand (nothing major, and he’s already been discharged so worry not!)
While he was out last night I cooked up a little storm in the kitchen so there was a little surprise waiting for when he got back today…

His favourite biscuits are chocolate hob nobs, and these are super-easy to make. Using this recipe, halved as I only wanted a small number of biscuits, my mixture was made and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

I rolled it into small balls and placed on a well-greased tray. A word of warning that biscuit recipes containing bicarb DO spread out a lot during baking – space them well apart or you’ll end up with one giant cookie sheet! Also be sure to grease your paper very well as they also have a tendency to stick.

A quick 10 minutes in the oven, and they came out a perfect and delicious golden brown.

For the decoration I mixed up some chocolate icing (icing sugar + cocoa powder + milk) and smothered generously over the top.

Once they were nearly set, I took out my glitter writing icing and went freehand on the letters.

The best tips I can give on writing icing are to keep the pressure constant so you have an even flow, and just be confident! If you think you’re going to mess up, and start wobbling your hand all over the place… well then you probably will! Think what you want to write and then go for it, keep your lines as smooth as possible and don’t pause to think or you’ll end up with a big blob of icing…

And of course a (small!) sprinkle of edible glitter, to really set the biscuits off:

With my message spelt out, I put them on the plate and hid it in the cupboard… now I just need to tell him where to look when he gets home 🙂

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