Guitar Superstar! Rock Hero Birthday Cake

Last week was Rob’s birthday – of course there was no way it could go by without a cake!

The choice was easy – he’d even asked weeks before – probably his biggest hobby (golf being a close second), is the band he plays bass guitar in.

I’d had a good scout round online for guitar-shaped tins, Wilton make a great one, but the cheapest I could get it for in the UK was about £15-£20 including postage, and I couldn’t justify it to use for just one cake. Scouting around I found quite a few guides on how to make one using ordinary cake pans, and decided the way forward was a bar made in a loaf tin, with the main body of the guitar from a round.

As there was going to be so much decoration on top, I decided to just do one thick layer of cake (rather than two thin ones filled with buttercream), so it wouldn’t slide around all over the place.

Cakes baked, I put them onto my board and started to shape away with my knife. A lot of my guidance came from this great Betty Crocker page. There’s even a template you can print out to cut the cake to the right shape, but handily I’d managed to leave this on my desk at work! Nevertheless, I was pretty impressed with my freehand carving 🙂

So that the different icings didn’t get mixed together, I left the neck on the board, and took the body onto my cake turntable to cover in buttercream and fondant. I was umming and aahing for a quite a while over what colour the guitar would be, when suddenly my eyes fell on his favourite colour – a brilliant bright orange!

Because the curve of the body was quite gentle, it was no more difficult than a normal round to cover in the orange fondant, and I used a pair of scissors to cut a smaller, matching shape out of white – keeping it rolled quite thick made it much easier to handle while still keeping its shape.

The neck was covered in a dark grey buttercream; I added a bit of royal icing sugar in with the standard kind, to give it the extra glossy finish, and smoothed out as best I could!

The cakes pushed together easily where I’d shaped them before, and I painted a little more of the dark grey buttercream onto the body to finish off the neck.

Then it was onto the details – the strings were red liquorice laces, which I’d painted before hand with some black food colouring. Next time I’ll spend a little longer shopping and get some black ones, but they still looked pretty good for what I could get from my local supermarket!

With Betty Crocker’s page and Rob’s acoustic for reference (he was out at a gig with his electric), I started on the details: black writing for the frets; small circles of fondant for the tops and sides of the tuning pegs…

….more black writing icing painted into a rectangle for the pickup, marbled grey fondant for the bridge, and finally some more small round pieces of fondant to fix the strings onto the bridge:

And that was it – overall actually quite simple! It looked great, I was really happy with the result…

…and so was the birthday boy! I love how happy he looks 🙂

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