Beautiful Butterfly Biscuits

Spring has definitely sprung this week, and the sunshine is putting big smiles on everyone’s faces!

A new cake decorating magazine has come out in the UK, and as a treat to myself I decided to subscribe – at least it won’t take up space in the already-groaning wardrobe like my normal “treats”.

The first issue came with these super cute butterfly cutters, so obviously I wanted to put them to good use straight away…

The biscuits themselves were a simple recipe from Be-Ro (search for rich biscuits). My parents have the Be-Ro recipe book and we always used to use it for cakes and biscuits when I was younger. They were always really easy and straightforward to make, so when I bought a place of my own this was one of the first baking books to grace my shelves. The recipes are simple, generally with every day ingredients (no pinches of 7 different kinds of spice that you’ll never use again…”), with easy to follow instructions and clear photos of what the finished product is supposed to look like.

For the icing I actually used a tip from my new magazine (hurray, subscription is paying off already!) I made up the coloured icing, quite thick to start with, and put a spoonful in a piping bag, which I used to outline the biscuits. Then I mixed a little water into the icing to make it runny, and spooned it into the middle of the biscuits. With only a little encouragement it spreads out, filling up to the piped outline. I’m so impressed with the result, beautiful smooth iced biscuits, neatly outlined with no drips running down the side or patches in the icing!

For the decoration I used my glitter icing tubes and just made a few free-hand swirls one each, simple but effective.


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