Sparkles, Swirls, Pearls and CHOCOLATE!

The last of my birthday – this one was to take into my office, and following the epic afternoon tea, I wanted to keep this one quite simple.

The cake itself was wonderfully simple – a rich chocolate sponge, sandwiched together with withe sickly-sweet white chocolate buttercream, and topped with a layer of chocolate fondant icing.

For the decoration I wanted to make use of some of the icing kit I’d been given for Christmas.

The idea behind these stencils is to imprint them lightly, then go over in one smooth line with icing, to create a neat swirl.

However once I’d imprinted them into the cake, I decided to do something a little different. Using white glitter piping icing, I carefully went around putting little dots into each of the imprint marks.

A not-so-steady hand and several swirls later, the results looked great. The writing icing sat very well inside the imprints, creating tiny, shiny, little balls, which looked like the cake was adorned with little pearls all over.

Another cake I’m really proud of; simple, quite quick, and impressively effective.

Needless to say it went down very well in the office, and definitely tasted as good as it looked!

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