Tempting Tea – Amazing Birthday Afternoon

For my birthday this year I wanted to go back to the little girl world of tea parties – only this time with real tea, real people, and REAL CAKES!

Here are just a few pictures from a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon in our house. There were 8 of us for tea altogether which worked out perfectly in every way – number of tea cups, amount of space around the table…

Aside from the sandwiches (and tea!) the only cake I had to make was some sweet little cupcakes, and that they were! Moist chocolate cake, delectable white chocolate buttercream, finished off with a chocolate star and a few swirls of glitter icing.

Saying I didn’t have much to make – there was plenty more to set up! China tea cups borrow from my mum, jam and fresh clotted cream for the scones, and the cutest paper plates I think I’ve ever seen! The range is rather fabulously titled “Utterly Scrumptious”, I can’t find where it is made but they are widely available, from Amazon etc, mine came from here, and it was very hard to stop at just the plates!

A few extra touches included a teacup shaped candle – perfect for the occasion. And of course we had to have some bubbles, pink champagne no less to match the rest of the decor.

Cake had arrived from around Nottingham thanks to some amazing friends šŸ™‚

And with sandwiches made – smoked salmon and cream cheese, roast ham and cucumber, mixed cheese and seasonal salad – all that was left to do was get everything laid out on the table – and EAT!

(The photographer in me wishes I’d taken more photos at this point. Mine and everyone elses stomachs took priority though, we simply had to tuck in!)

The final touch – a simply stunning and wonderfully gooey red velvet birthday cake with cream cheese icing. If you can make out the candle numbers I’ll leave you to guess whether I’m 72 or 27…!

4 thoughts on “Tempting Tea – Amazing Birthday Afternoon

    • Well thank you! Maybe it’s not too much of a dream… I’d love to open somewhere cake-y of my own one day, and am thinking of trying to host a charity tea soon šŸ™‚

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