Love Cake <3

As promised – valentines 2012 and another heart themed cake to better last years.

Rob had requested red velvet cake again, so I couldn’t disappoint. To make it extra special I decided to go for a triple layer approach – red velvet, chocolate, and red velvet again!

I stacked them up, filled and covered with the most heavenly white chocolate buttercream: a wicked combination of melted white chocolate, icing sugar and butter, all beaten until sweet, smooth and very sticky!

As it was going under a fondant layer looks didn’t matter at this point… it was just a case of getting as much icing as possible, and getting it to stay put! I left it for a little while in the cold kitchen to set a bit before continuing, so the layers didn’t start sliding all over the place.

Final step before decorating – yummy chocolate fondant. I bought this ready-made as trying to colour fondant is difficult enough, let alone adding a flavour.

A tip I learned online somewhere – use a piece of string or similar to measure up the side of your cake, across the top, and down the other side. This will tell you how large you need to roll the fondant out to before placing it on the cake.

Another tip to get the fondant shiny and clear – mine was covered in icing sugar and obviously needed smoothing down. I took a pastry brush and dipped it in a little water, then painted very lightly all over the whole cake. This blended in both the folds of the fondant, and also all the white icing sugar.

Final step – decorating! I wanted to go for something simple but effective, so mixed up some red fondant (it wasn’t worth buying a whole pack of red just for this little bit, so I used white with plenty of red colouring), and also invested in a pack of mixed chocolate hearts.

A cookie cutter or too later, some normal icing used as glue and tada – my creation was complete!

Rob was of course delighted, and after a delicious 3 course meal (this being the 4th course!) it took centre-table, flanked by obligatory champagne 🙂

And when we cut into the cake, it was everything I’d hoped – sumptuous, vivid layers, encompassed on all sides by the white chocolate buttercream. A true chocoaholics cake!

2 thoughts on “Love Cake <3

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