Sweets For My Sweet

As it’s nearing that time of year again, I wanted to share my sweet treat from Valentines 2011.

I made this cake for Rob, and to this day he still claims it’s the best cake he’s ever tasted (he ate the WHOLE thing to himself, save for a tiny slice which I was allowed!)

And, to my credit, I think it is my most proudest baking effort to date as well.

So here we are: Valentines Red Velvet Cake.

All the red velvet recipes that I’ve seen are generally very similar, and this one was no different.  At the time I couldn’t find any buttermilk or white wine vinegar, so used normal whole (full-fat) milk and just a splash of ordinary white vinegar.
Luckily I already had a heart shaped cake tin so no tedious cutting and shaping required.

The filling/icing was a white chocolate cream cheese concoction – and absolutely heavenly!

I decorated it with a very generous sprinkling of edible glitter, and made the heart shapes using the end of a chopstick and some red food colouring.

My only issue now is how to top it for 2012. All suggestions welcome! One week to go…

3 thoughts on “Sweets For My Sweet

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